Aisha Merchant levels serious allegations against Cezanne Khan: ‘All I want is the world to know how he cheated me’

US-based Pakistani woman Aisha Merchant has alleged that Sezan Khan, the star of Kasauti Zindagi Ki, married her in 2015 to get a green card and soon divorced her.

Recently Cezan talked about being in a relationship and Aisha’s accusations soon after tying the knot. Speaking exclusively to, she said, “Honestly, I don’t care who he is marrying. I want to know how he cheated on me. He stayed away from my money for over two years, and still refuses to know me. “

The 48-year-old shared that the two tied the knot in April in 2015, and Cezanne lived with her in the US. She said that she hid her relationship with her mother, claiming that she would never accept him as a daughter-in-law. Merchant, however, said that when she returned to India on vacation, she stayed with him at his home. He believes his mother and family had an idea about their relationship.

Aisha Merchant, Seasons Khan Aisha Merchant shared photos from her wedding to Seasons Khan.

Aisha Merchant confessed that she was very in love and ignored the signs. And once Sizen Khan had a green card, he felt that his behavior had changed towards her. After a point starts, he completely escapes her. Even when she sent her divorce papers in 2017, Aisha did not want to accept it, and tried to reconcile. She said that Cézanan told her that her mother wanted her to marry a little girl. And the divorce was just a formality, and they would still marry under ‘nikah’.

Sharing that it took him a long time to get into a heart-breaking state, he said, “Once I realized I was cheated, I filed a complaint with American Immigration. He forged his documents, which is illegal. I wanted the officers to know the genesis of Sison Khan. He and his current girlfriend are sending abusive voice notes and pornographic messages to me. I have saved them all, and can vindicate myself. “

While Sizen Khan, in an interview to the Bombay Times, did not respond to our calls and messages, she shared that Aisha Merchant is her passionate fan and that she never married. He alleged that he gave ‘too much stuff’. The actor was quoted by the tabloid as saying, “She is the sister of my cousin’s wife who lives in Karachi.” How do i know that I have no idea about any marriage certificate. She produces a lot of material. She has been posting messages on social handles for two to three years, and my fans have been asking me if this is all true. There is a limit to passion, and it is ending now. The fact is that she was married to me and now she is divorced. I didn’t say anything to her because I know she is obsessed. “

Aisha Merchant, Seasons Khan Ayesha Merchant and Sison Khan in times of happiness. (Photos shared by Ayesha)

Refuting claims of morphing ‘stuff’, Aisha tells us that her family, friends and co-workers in the US are witnesses to her relationship with Seasons. And they wholeheartedly support him in this fight. Ayesha also said that she has all the documents to prove that they are married and even divorced, and that she is ready to present it to the authorities.

“I think people will wonder what I would gain from all this. I’m so lost that I don’t want anything from that man. I only want the truth to be revealed. He should not lie and can turn me off as a cheat because he is a real fraud. The world should know about such people, and how they can take advantage of Bhola, ”concluded Aisha businessman.

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