AirPop Active+ Smart Mask Tracks Breathing Instead of Steps

With the Active + Smart Mask, AirPop brings Fitbit-style health tracking to your face, but instead of being all about steps and calories, it’s about your breathing and air quality. Face masks have become part of everyday life compared to last year, and even when the coronovirus epidemic passes, many may consider wearing masks more often, and AirPop has given you a more high-tech version Has given reason to choose.

A sensor, called the AirPop Halo, is the smart part of the mask, and measures your breathing rate and monitors the filters applied to the mask. The filter is designed to block dust, allergens and particles, but has a limited lifetime. The Halo sensor communicates with an app on your phone to alert you when a new filter is needed.

Inside the app, you’ll find data on pollutants in which the mask has been blocked, informing you about the effectiveness of the mask, as well as how long you’ve been wearing the mask per day and over time, breaths taken per minute, The amount of air if it is worn during exercise, data passes through and with it. It also provides advice on air quality in the local area and describes whether wearing masks would be beneficial, and in which environments.

AirPop has been making masks since 2015, but this is its first connected version. The Bluetooth connection is powered by a coin cell battery that should last approximately six months, and the app will be available for both iOS and Android. If you use the iOS version it will sync with Apple HeathKit. The washable mask itself has a prefabricated 3D structure to keep your face away from the filter, and a medical-grade membrane hidden under a soft shell that seals around your mouth. AirPop claims that its four-layer filter will remove 99.3% of particles and 99.9% of bacteria.

The AirPop Active + Smart Mask is clearly a big step that the cloth mask would have bought in 2020 and the price reflects that. The CES post-January 2021 release will cost $ 150 and the price includes four filters, each good for 40 hours of effective filtration. You can choose between a white, black and shiny lime green version, and AirPop sells packs of four replacement filters for $ 25. You will find this first on AirPop’s own website, and shortly afterwards with various retailers.

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