Director Prabhu Solomon first said that his latest film Aranya (also known as Kadan, Hathi Mere Saathi) will lighten the fuse of a revolution. He hopes the film will bring awareness to deforestation, play a role in maintaining the ecological balance of wild animals, and the sacred duty of human civilization to protect wildlife.

Prabhu Solomon was inspired by the life of environmental activist Jadav Paeng, known as the One Man of India. However, the idea of ​​making Aranya came from a news item. They came to know that a wall has been built in a reserved forest area in Kaziranga, Assam, which cuts the wildlife corridor used by elephant herds. “That wall has orphaned about 30 elephants. Now, who will fight for the rights of these elephants? When we have a problem, we all come together and we sit on the beach in protest, but whose elephants will turn when they have problems, ”Prabhu asked while talking about the film first.

Prabhu also informed that elephant population in India is declining at an alarming rate. Pointing to the human-animal conflict, he suggested that it is imperative that people learn to live with nature instead of disrupting it. In fact, he had revealed that after watching the film, his sound designer Resul Pookutty suggested that the film should be screened at the United Nations.

Prabhu has expressed his love for forests in almost every film before Aranya. Prabhu Solomon’s films are here, where he explored the relationship between humans, nature and animals:


Set in the backdrop of a deep forest, the film tells the story of star-crossed lovers. The film realistically captures the lifestyle of the people living in the mountains, cut off from the pleasures that most of us take for granted. The 2010 film made Thambi Ramaiya an overnight sensation.


The film follows the relationship between an elephant and its mahout. This marked the debut of Vikram Prabhu. It also sheds light on the lives of tribal people, their culture, lifestyles and beliefs. While researching for this film, Prabhu Solomon discovered a lot of information that led to Aranya.


Again, set against a green backdrop, the film is a romantic drama. However, it also makes references to global warming and climate change. The highlight of the film is the manner in which the destruction caused by the tsunami is shot, inspired by the 2004 catastrophe that left a major trail of destruction in and around Tamil Nadu.

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