After Lupin, Money Heist on Netflix is your next obsession

Money heist farming thief.

Tamara Arnaz Ramos / Netflix

You have binged Lupine. And if you’re desperate for the high-pitches of the more sexy Euro-crime, have we treated you: Money Heist.

After his sultry band of professors and thieves, Money Heist is filled with action, twist and sexual tension. It is like the Eleven of the Ocean that meets Killing Eve, and even lets you brush up on your Spanish. Best of all, the fourth season premiered in April, so you have plenty of episodes to work on. Here’s why you should watch.

It will keep you hooked

The first two seasons tell the story of El Professor (वारlvaro Morte), a brilliant and eye-catching introvert, who rounds up a team of extremely good-looking misfits to steal billions from the Royal Mint in Madrid. All the while Inspector Rakil Murillo (Itzir Itua) tries to catch them. Oh, and there is too much chemistry between the police and the robbers.

44 million people can’t be wrong

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel in its original Spanish title) won the Best Drama Series International Emmy in 2018. It is Netflix‘s most-watched non-English series, with 44 million families watching the third season in its first four weeks of release.

The show is addictive and this kind of fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled entertainment that can numb your mind while you watch it and keep you wandering episode after episode Coronavirus Lockdown and epidemic is a good thing).


L. Profesor.


Is a sexy band of thieves

In this story, every criminal likes Karisma very much. They look good in red overalls. Also, they are named after cities around the world, so maybe your hometown will get a shout-out.

Hot-blooded is Tokio (Úrsula Corberó), who always says what’s on his mind. Burleen (Pedro Alonso), a gentleman thief and mastermind of robbery with arrogance for the match – yet you can end up warming up for him. Nairobi (Alba Flores) has all the organizational skills and motivation, while the big-hearted Denver (Jaime Lorente) may not seem the brightest, but he will charm you anyway. And then there is the hacker, Rio (Miguel Herren), who cannot help falling for Tokio, although personal relationships are clearly forbidden by El Professor.


Tokio (io rsula Korborough).


You will learn some spanish

And not any kind. You can learn this Spanish with the kind of sharp slang and poetic flourish you can learn on the streets.

Opt for subtitles even if you are proficient in Spanish. It is the only way to capture all the dirty talk, innuendos, metaphors and banquets are used and misused but not exclusively by Denver and Nairobi. Also, these characters are going to make you laugh.

Stephen King is a big fan and insists that the show is getting better

Writers and pop culture enthusiasts have been very vocal about their prediction for Money Heist and they also received some love from the show’s team last season and their city moniker: Boston.

He also tweeted about it Ranked first in the show’s third season. And if you won’t listen to me, well …

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