Acronis raises $250M at a $2.5B+ valuation to double down on cyber protection services – ClearTips

AppOmni raises $40M for tools to secure enterprise SaaS apps – TechCrunch

Amid an increasingly complex and dangerous landscape of malicious activity, cyber security profiles continue to grow, with a cyber security vendor that specializes in “all-in-one” services covering many aspects of security, growing. Has closed a large round of funding.

Acronis has raised $ 250 million in equity, and co-founder and CEO Sergey Belssov said in an interview that the company plans to systematically develop the financing as well as more “proactive” technology for acquisitions. Be brought into your portfolio. The funding is being led by CVC and assumes a Crisis of over $ 2.5 billion.

Originally a spinoff from the parent company of virtualization giant Parallels, Acronis initially made a name for itself in data recovery and backup, but also services one-in to include continuous data protection, patch management, anti-malware. -One has expanded over time to provide packages. Protection and more. Integrating with popular enterprise software packages and platforms and a range of service providers, its business is now profitable, with some 10,000 managed service providers and 500,000 businesses (SMB and larger) among its customers.

“We did not need the money, but now we will invest to pursue it faster and capitalize on our leadership,” Belousov said in an interview.

He added that new revenue (not legacy) products, such as Acrisis Cyber ​​Protection, based on new revenue grew 100% during the epidemic. “it is usThey put money on engineers and M&A to supplement our cyber security, ”he said. “We have a single mission, which is to protect all data applications, provide privacy and security in one package. We protect around 10 million workloads today and we are aiming to increase this by 100 times. There is a lot to be done in terms of making that security easier and deeper for our customers. “

He said the company continues to be private, but has also started thinking about its next steps, which could include public listings or sales in the next 12-24 months.

“With private equity investors like Goldman Sachs [which led its previous round in 2019] And the CVC, they certainly expect liquidity at some point, ”said Beloussov.

Financing and Acronis’s strategy to grow its business comes at a pivotal moment in the world of cyberspace. The larger landscape in the business world has seen a greater shift in the past year with more people working remotely and on a wider set of geographies and tools. Although that shift was pushed by the Kovid-19 epidemic, many believe that the long-term impact will be a very different kind of working environment, with greater acceptance that fewer people will spend all their time in their offices, And it will not necessarily affect productivity.

What impact it has had, how it manages IT provisions and the network and equipment running on them, and has specifically highlighted some of the flaws in the company’s cyber security policies. Malicious hackers, who were working well before the epidemic, jumped on it and exploited it.

Acronis has been one of the companies that has seen increasing demand for its services, resulting in Acronis’s software being sold through a specialized lift by managed service providers.

“Last year definitely pushed customers to understand that IT is important to the mission and it is for every business,” said Belssov, coming by association with security. With security, however, organizations have realized that “management by in-house resources is not always ideal, so outsourcing to specialized service providers can guarantee service levels. With internal IT people, you can only shout at them, and that’s fine because they’re used. “Third parties, by contrast, work with service-level agreements that are easy to enforce if something goes wrong.

“Acronis’s talented management and R&D teams have invested significant resources in developing an innovative cloud-native ‘MSP in the box’ with integrated backup, disaster recovery, cyber security, remote management and workflow tools.” Of CVC Capital Partners. “Acronis provides mission-critical solutions to more than 10,000 MSPs and half a million small and medium businesses. CVC has a strong track record in cyberspace and is partnering with successful entrepreneurs, and we accelerate company growth Sergey Belousov and Acronis are looking to work together with the team. “

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