Accel Partners heads down to Georgia to invest in DecisionLink, leading an $18.5 million round – ClearTips

DecisionLink, an Atlanta-based company that provides software for cost-benefit analysis of business services from a customer’s point of view, invested one of Silicon Valley’s top venture companies in its latest $ 18.5 million round of financing Has succeeded.

Accel Partners has a long standing reputation as one of the Bay Area’s premier investment firms, and is the leader of the latest round of DecisionLink. His investment comes on the heels of a billion-dollar valuation for the $ 800 million acquisition of Atlanta companies such as Calendly, Greenlight Financial Technologies, OneTrust and Kabbage.

Other investors in the round included CrowdStrike president and chief executive officer George Kurtz and partner of Open View Venture Partners and George Roberts, former executive vice president of North American sales at Oracle.

“Value Management [sic] As a practice a C-suite is now a priority and increasingly considered an enterprise-critical function with software systems such as CRM, marketing automation, and project management, ”said Sameer Gandhi, Partner, Excel in a statement. “In 2019, we invested in a safe round at DecisionLink because we believed in a market opportunity for scalable [value management]. Now, we’re so impressed by DecisionLink’s execution and its ability to drive this change on behalf of customers that we’re excited to lead its Series A round. “

Businesses are constantly finding ways to benchmark themselves against their competitors or find new ways to serve them better. Most of these strategies are not closed, or are variations on a subject, but the value of management seems to be legally accessible – especially all types of benchmarking data points.

Excel-backed portfolio companies such as CrowdStrike, PagerDoot, and Documents are using the service and so are companies such as ServiceNow, Marketo, NCR and VMware.

These are big names in enterprise software, and suggest that DecisionLink’s adoption of the software may have played a role in Accel’s decision to invest.

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