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Podcast advertising company Acast is announcing that it has acquired RadioPublic, a startup that exited the public radio market PRX in 2016.

At first, RadiPipe’s main product was a mobile app for listening to podcasts, and it still supports the app. But co-founder and chief product officer Matt Macdonald said that over time, the team’s focus shifted to products for podcasters, particularly its audience relationship management platform, including an embeddable web player, a custom website called Podsites And much more is included.

“We had a full roadmap of the things we wanted to build, but we recognized that on our scale, we could be better served by partnering with larger organizations,” McDonald said.

And finally, he decided that Acast made sense not just as a partner, but as a boss. Acast’s business still revolves around podcast advertising, but it has expanded with new tools such as the Acast Open Hosting platform, and says that it now hosts 20,000 podcasts, collectively reaching 300 million monthly listeners. .

“The acquisition of RadiPipe is basically a partnership of values,” Acast’s chief business and strategy officer Leandro Sededo said in a statement. “We both strongly believe in the open ecosystem of podcasting and have a shared commitment to help the audience discover and support all creators. We are impressed by what Radio-Republic has achieved and we believe that now – as podcasting is gaining more momentum than ever before – the ideal time to bring Radiopolis’ talented team and company missions to the fold is. “

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, but Acast says it will not operationally affect Radiopolis.

MacDonald and his co-founder / CTO Chris Kwame Romain are both joining Acast (CEO Jake Shapiro exited last fall to lead producer partnership for Apple Podcast), and although they feature Republic features in the Acast platform Will work to integrate, MacDonald said the startup will continue to support its own products and mobile apps for “the future.”

He said that as RadioPoint works with Acast, the team will “focus on strengthening and deepening the relationship, the relationship between that bond, the podcaster and the listener.” In his view, this is where the opportunity for radiopublic lies, even big platforms like Spotify invest in podcasting.

“How do we enable you as a producer to control the relationship with your audience?” Macdonald said. “We believe that listeners of podcasts are listeners of podcasts. They are not platform subscribers. “

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