ABC “Very Confident” in Summer Return for Bachelor in Paradise

ABC “Very Confident” in Summer Return for Bachelor in Paradise

The beach show aired for the last time in 2019, with Teshia and John Paul Jones.

However, heaven The only project is not working on ABC. Mills Reveals Senior Citizen Edition Bachelor The film may drop sometime soon, potentially in 2021, and he called the casting “amazing”.

He said, “Also heavenThe other thing we want to see again is the old thing Single By-product. We are actively working on making it. “

Mills said, “Part of the problem was that during the entire year of the epidemic, there were obviously older citizens at the highest risk. Now, we have found a way to shoot this fact into a bubble if we have Do it in a bubble, we’ll be able to figure it out. “

Meanwhile, we are all on Single Overload Recently, when Tessia found true love after just a few days of Matt’s season Zack clark And accepted their offer. Already, fans are obsessed with the latest Bach Villain, queen Victoria.

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