Aashka Goradia quits showbiz: ‘Would rather call it moving on to a different phase’

Aashka Goradia has shocked fans and television viewers by deciding to quit acting to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. After starting her own makeup brand a few years ago, the actors want to focus on the bid to take it to a new level. It is said to be a ‘three-year plan’, however, with Aashka calling it a ‘move on decision’ rather than ‘giving up’.

In an exclusive chat with Indianexpress.com, Maharana Pratap actor shared, “I don’t think you can leave something that has been such an important phase in your life. I would ask it to move on to the second phase.” I might not get the time to do and love something for the last 20 years, like I want to give 100 percent of my time to Renee (her makeup brand). Thus this decision came and I don’t think it would be right to leave it . “

She adds that she does not know what the future might hold but it was definitely a decision she had to make. Aashka said that she does not act herself for at least the next three years and believes that destiny will make its own way.

The 35-year-old, who has done shows like Kukusum, Dayan, Naagin, Nach Baliye and Bigg Boss 6, said that the move was not planned. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Pursuing an entrepreneurship and working on my cosmetic business is a passion, and requires a level of commitment. I knew all this and the way it happened, and so it was not a surprising or shocking time for me, ”she noted.

Aashka Goradia shared that not only herself, but husband Brent Gobble, her parents, in-laws and even friends and co-workers knew about it, and really supported her decision. He said that she makes him feel blessed when he is around her, and would not be able to make decisions without her support.

Was it a hard choice to let it all go? “I think a lot of people aspire for a lot of different things. And to take that risk, is to walk out of the comfort zone. I did that when I acted two decades ago, and I took it as my own Everything gave in. Right now, yes it’s a tough decision and the choices are always tough. I’m walking away from not only the career I built from scratch, but the city, memories, relationships – I’ll miss everything But I have always believed that you have to struggle to make an identity in your career, ”he replied with a smile.

And if you are wondering what Ashka Goradia misses the most, her heartfelt reply was, “I will miss going to the set, to meet a group of 100 people, who will be there for your number of days or months.” Become family work on the project. The beautiful feeling of coming together to create a craft that is seen nationwide, and living a character, becomes your identity. I will miss my spot dad’s and makeup dad’s expressions when they see you performing, and then tell you how well you did the scene. It is these small prizes that you bring back home, that moment there is a chance to entertain someone. I will also miss becoming so many different people at the same time. “

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