Aaron Rodgers Ribs Jeopardy! Players Stumped By Sports Question

Aaron Rodgers Ribs Jeopardy! Players Stumped By Sports Question

Danger! The contestants missed a touching moment when they failed to answer a question about their guest host Aaron Rodgers‘NFL team.

On April 13, Aaron stepped in as a star Danger! Host long view Alex TrebekCancer deaths last year gave the contestants the answer: “In the 1960s, these Midwesterners earned five NFL Championship trophies.”

Alas, none of the show’s three contestants had any idea what the correct response was – which was very disappointing for Aaron, given that there was a question about his team, the Green Bay Packers. The quarterback was disappointed as he gave the right answer, which was met with laughter from the trio of players.

Denise“Go again, I think,” he trailed off.

Aaron first took the stage Danger! Host on 5 April. In a teaser to host the gig to his guest, the athlete called it “the honor of a lifetime” right behind the Super Bowl. He also said that he knew how to “follow in the footsteps of a legend”, referring to the former Green Bay Packers / quarterback Brett Favre And, of course, Alex.

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