Aamir Khan speaks of time when he had his back against the wall, owns his privilege: ‘It has been easy for me’

In the video that appeared in Aamir Khan Fan Club, actor Aamir Khan appears talking about life and has to thank his privilege to be where he is today. In the video, he describes how love and fear both drive him but in different ways. “For me, it’s a journey, I’m not sure if I’ll succeed, I’m not sure if I’ll reach my destination, sometimes I’m not even sure what my floor is. I’m always understanding. I know where to go, but the important thing is that I do it with love. There are some primary feelings that we all have, love and fear are two primary feelings that we have when we enter this world. . You are born with love. I want to tap into love as my primary emotion and use fear to intimidate me. “

He acknowledged that there have been moments when he set his back against the wall, but was able to go to his place in life. “There have been many times when I have gone down in the dump, I have patted my back against the wall and have not been sure how to get out of it, at such a time, what is important to me is that I do not lose hope, because when you If you lose hope, you lose everything. I hesitate to say this because it is very easy for me because I am in a privileged position. It is not easy for anyone who is not in a privileged position and has their back against the wall, ”he said.

“It was a stroke of luck that I was born in a privileged environment in Mumbai, where my parents could afford an education for me and I had a sheltered childhood. If I was born in a village where I did not have the resources, I would have sat there. I often remark that there is no difference between me and that gentleman outside the temple of a village. There was just the chance that he should be born there and I was born here. Our rights are equal, our responsibilities are also equal, we should ideally look at each other.

When the Secret Superstar actor was asked how he is in the fray even after being such a big star in the Hindi film industry, he said, “The credit for this should go to my mother, she has nurtured me very well. Whatever I am today Also, whatever you see in me, it is because of the great influence that my mother has had on me. She is someone who is a great force in my life and so is it. “

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