A Quiet Place 2 and The Conjuring 3 Prove Horror Is Still Big at the Box Office

Horror is the genre of the moment this weekend The Conjuring 3 and a quiet place 2 Terrified to top the film charts. And the race to top the box office couldn’t have been more nerve-wracking, with The Conjuring 3 Only leading the pack. what is effective for A Quiet Place Part II Is it its second week of release, but it’s clearly still attracting enough viewers to challenge the James Wan-produced. Magic Sequel in its opening weekend.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It won the top spot away from A Quiet Place Part IIBut the gap between them was not wide. third Magic The film, which is actually the 8th film in the overall franchise, grossed $24 million over a three-day weekend. A Quiet Place Part II Still has proven legs, coming in second place with $19.5 million. Paramount Pictures will be pleased with this second week’s performance a quiet place 2, a spin-off film already in Green is expected in spring 2023, with talks of another direct sequel also underway. So far, the film has grossed around $88 million thanks to a massive increase in moviegoers to try and watch it over last week’s Memorial Day weekend.

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while Magical The sequel hit HBO Max at the same time it arrived in theaters, at no additional cost to customers, in the second installment. quiet place The series does not join Paramount’s streaming service until 45 days after its theatrical premiere. Although the impact of streaming/theatrical releases is still relatively unknown, it has to be assumed that the Emily Blunt film benefited from not being readily available for home viewing.

When it comes to ratings, a fair place 2 Receiving a 96% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, massively outpacing its competition against just 58% The Conjuring 3. While the third film is being slated as Magic The series, it should be remembered that there have also been several spin-offs and as noted by Patrick Cavanaugh of ComicBook.com, “there is very little about the film that either sets it apart from its peers or makes it look different from its predecessors.” ups the quality.” a quiet place 2However, a number of critical approvals have been chalked out, with many stating that it is longer than life until the first film thanks to the focus of John Krasinski, who eschews the action in favor of sticking with the tight family story. resists the request a quiet place Such a big hit.

There are two back-to-back horror titles with such stellar box offices, we’ll see a lot from both franchises, with several spin-offs already Magic in works. Like similar horror series from the past, it seems that as long as the money keeps coming in, one is more than happy to keep churning. White Magic seems to be losing its spark as far as critics are concerned, the question is more whether there will be more additions in the future quiet place The franchise can maintain the level of tight focus shows in its first two installments.

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