A Perfect Shave Tips!

A Perfect Shave Tips!

For those who do not like waxing, shaving is still there. But which is more annoying at the end of the day! For best results and smooth legs as long as possible, here are some tips.

Always take a shower or a bath with warm water before shaving. This will soften the hairs and make the pores wide open and thereby facilitates shaving. While shaving natural oils of the skin, dirt and sweat can interfere with shaving and create debris between the blades, which makes the razor ineffective. Always use a good body cleanser before shaving, or even better, an exfoliating cleanser. 

A razor blade has a life. You can stretch as long as possible to save money, but the quality of shaving will decrease. Manufacturers recommend throwing after 10 shaves. Personally, I stretched a little beyond, but the more we use the blunt blade hair grows faster and legs are the rougher end of the day. Shaving in the opposite direction of the hair growth allows regrowth slowed because it shaves closer, but it may cause more irritation. If you have sensitive skin, stick to your skin and shave in the direction of growth. The goal is to be comfortable.

Exercise the least possible pressure on the razor. We may hurt and irritates our skin because we pressed too hard on the razor handle! To take full advantage of shaving time without it becoming a chore, it is better to start with the easiest areas, such as legs, and finish with the most difficult, such as the armpits and groin. Always use a shaving product that contains moisturizers. Gels or shaving woman shaving cream to help soften, soothe, moisturize and nourish the skin while shaving.

And to top it all, it is very important to finish with a milk or a moisturizer is applied immediately after shaving to soothe and nourish the skin, which was attacked by the waves. The hydration makes the skin softer and prevents dead skin. For hard to reach areas, take your other hand and stretch the skin to access them.

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