A new Google Assistant feature, ‘Hold for Me,’ waits on hold so you don’t have to – ClearTips

A new Google Assistant feature, ‘Hold for Me,’ waits on hold so you don’t have to – TechCrunch

Google What a smartphone can do for one of the most basic of devices is outpacing its capabilities – if often overlooked, these days – Features: Phone calls. In previous years, the company launched a call screen to Duplex for your incoming calls, restaurant reservations, and in this month, a feature called Verified Call that will tell you who’s calling and why. Today, Google introduced another useful feature for those who still use their devices as an actual phone with the introduction of “Hold for Me”.

At the company’s hardware event this afternoon, where Google introduced its new Pixel smartphones, it was also a showcase of Pixel for some time. Latest trick. A feature called “Hold for Me” will be on the line for you when you are placed on hold, then you will be alerted when someone picks up.

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Google explained that the technology was built on its existing call screen and smart of duplex technology – the latter which is an AI-based technology focused on how the phone interacts.

In a short demo of “Hold for Me”, Google showed how Pixel is able to activate the new feature after placing the device owner on hold. This is done by tapping a new button that appears above the button on the phone screen for muting calls, turning on the speakerphone, and other in-call phone controls.

Once activated, you are alerted with a message that says “Do not hand”, where you are advised that Google Assistant is listening to the call for you, so you can do other work.

There is also a button available on this screen that taps you to return to the call at any time, and an on-screen message at the bottom says “Music Playing” to indicate if Google Assistant is still holding music is listening. You can also choose to press the red hang up button to end the call from this screen.

When someone comes on line, the device will give you time to return to make a call.

At a time when people are waiting hours to help COVID-19 related government support, such as unemployment benefits, a “hold for me” option can be more than a useful new feature – a literal lifeboat for those It is possible. In the midst of a financial crisis due to job loss.

Google says that the new feature will come on its new Pixel 5 devices, soon after which its older generation Pixel phones will come through the next “Pixel Feature Drop” roll out.

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