A new Android feature that could keep you from making a fool of yourself? Tell me more


Google’s new Heads Up feature is a digital wellbeing tool that can prevent you from walking light polls and other walks.

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We’ve all seen a hilarious video of someone walking down the street staring at his phone and right into a light pole. Or maybe it wasn’t a video and that person was you. Google wants to help you avoid becoming a star in the sequel to America’s Funniest Home Video – or to avoid proximity to cars, bikes and other pedestrians – with a new feature called Heads Up, now on its digital Rolling out the Wellby Android app.

After turning heads up, your phone will periodically display an alert that reminds you to keep your head up when it detects that you are running and using your phone at the same time.

Currently rolling up head Pixels The phone, as seen by the XDA developers. After some different investigation Android The phone on my desk, I only see it on the Pixel phone as well. Google often uses its own Pixel line as a test bed before sharing features more widely with other Android phones, so even if you don’t have a heads up, pay attention, because you can use it soon. Can only see. (I’ve reached out to Google to clarify which devices will turn into the News Head feature.) Here’s how it works.

Search head-up-settings

Next time you are not using your phone while walking, do not run into anything.

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How to set the heads to keep from unknown

Open up Adjustment Scroll through the application on your phone until you locate it Digital Wellbeing and Parental Control the option; tap it. Scroll down under various settings where you should get a new location Conscious Option to add an app icon for digital wellbeing in your app drawer, right above the toggle switch. Choose Conscious And follow the setup prompts.

You will need to allow digital goodness to watch your physical activity to identify when you are walking. Alternatively, you can allow the application to see your current location at all times. Doing so will allow you to recognize when you’re in – it’s unclear whether this means it’ll be more or less proactive about reminding you to look, but let’s hope for the former.

Together Conscious Whenever you use your phone, you will receive an alert and it detects that you are wandering. I spent a good 20 minutes at my house scrolling through Reddit and Twitter, as well as sending emails and text messages and not triggering alerts. My only guess is that Google believes that I know my house well enough not to run into a wall while walking. my take? Google doesn’t know me that well.

Complete setup-heads-up-android

It only takes a few taps to configure the head up.

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Join Digital Wellbeing Beta

If you have a Pixel and haven’t seen the heads up feature yet, you can join the digital wellbeing beta program, which should trigger the new feature on your phone. Join the beta by going to the app’s play store listing and installing it.

You can leave the beta at any time by going to the same Play Store page and removing yourself from it, but I have always joined any beta that Google has added for its Android app and any major Not added to the issue, with the added bonus of checking features before rolling out extensively.

If you’re curious about who else you can use digital goodness for, Read more about it here. View all hidden features There is also every Android phone. Finally, Android 12 is coming later this year and we’re already Tracked new features you would like to use.

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