A Nail Biter’s Review of the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

A Nail Biter's Review of the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

They feel like real nails, so you can trim them and file them to look the most natural. I also shortened the short lengths I had bought quite a bit. The result was nails that looked like acrylic, fresh out of the nail salon. And it’s all under $ 10.

Although it took me a long time to choose the size of my nails and trim them, it does not take them long to drive to the salon and work professionally. In addition, it saves a whole bunch of cash.

My tip for first-time is buffing your nails a little bit beforehand so that the glue stays sticking for a long time, as well as avoid applying glue to the end of the nail, as it will just stick to your skin and feel uncomfortable. Nails feel foreign on the first day or so, but then you enjoy them enough to use how perfect they look. Also, best of all, your natural nails get a chance to relax and if you are a nail bitten like me, then come down again.

So, my decision? If you have an upcoming (socially distant) date or event, going to the nail salon is trying out the next best number Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails for yourself. I Shop Used People Down!

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