A Look Back at This Is Us’ Stranger Reveals

Let's Give Thanks For Randall's This Is Us Strip Tease

We spent the entire episode thinking that these were the distant relatives of the parents of one of the delivery doctors, or perhaps one of the airport staffers who handled Kevin (Justin hartley) Get on time for the birth of their twins, but do not. The man responsible for 90 percent of things in just one day.

This is definitely not the first time we’ve spent this is us The episode goes on, “Who is this?” It’s one of the show’s favorite things, even if it doesn’t always get the same reaction when the reveal finally arrives.

Tonight, we were very upset, though appreciated to have made headlines after someone we had never heard of before. It certainly does not compare to the time we are completely shocked by the show being strangers.

Let’s revisit this is us Has thrown us for a loop.

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