A Look Back at Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Multimillion-Dollar Vows

A Look Back at Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Multimillion-Dollar Vows

Kim just had to do a little drama first. Khloe had a hangover at first, so intense that she slept as a glam squad and handled her hair and makeup, then the revelation that separated her from Rob and, ultimately, Kim feared her cathedral-length Givenchy Veil Worn her custom lace mermaid gown with an illusion cutout. -So so heavy it can “trip me and fall right on my face.”

But he did not stumble once when he made his way down to a waiting Kanye. Even when she came into the eyes of the famous Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli “Con t partiro.” Singer-songwriter is a favorite of both Kim and her late father Robert kardashian So he was an appropriate choice for the procession, with Kim just assuming that they would use a recorded version. “I thought I was going down the aisle to play my CD,” he told E! News. “But when I went to the altar, I took a double and screamed. I couldn’t believe he was there himself.”

The surprise arranged by Kanye made him feel “like I was walking downstairs with my dad.”

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