A Dark Exploitation of Artificial Intelligence

Guy Pearce Android searches for the missing daughter of a wealthy mogul in the city of slaves. Zone 414 Set in the near future where humanity has perfected artificial intelligence. “Synth” is allowed to interact freely with mankind in a specified place. Zone 414 A playground where the rich and powerful can fulfill any devious wish. This gritty, low-tech industrial chime reflects the ugliness of the original trend.

The film begins with a unique job interview. David Carmichael (Guy Pierce), a disgraced former police detective, proves that he has the will and discretion for highly confidential work. Synthetic billionaire Marlon Weidt (Travis Fimmel) has a problem. His beloved, rebellious daughter (Holly Demaine) has fled. Veidt believes she is hiding in Zone 414 With the help of your greatest creation.

Jane (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz) is the masterpiece of Marlon Weidt. A beautiful synthesis that follows orders as programmed, but somehow has the ability to question and understand the true nature of its reality. David is chased by Zone 414. Jane will always do as she is told, but she doesn’t have to come forward. They bargain to find Waite’s daughter. Jane is being terrorized by a mysterious hunter. She feels scared and lonely. Jane agrees to help David if he can uncover his suffering.

Zone 414 can be criticized as an indie blade Runner And done by To end. The futuristic flying cars, 3D holographic characters depicted here, or Harrison Ford’s salary of $20 million are not. The characters use rotary phones, drive nineties cabs, and watch vacuum tube TV. Except for budgetary reasons, retro tech fits the bleak narrative. This is not a shining story of intelligence leading to the betterment of society. Androids are living dolls that are subject to any cruel whims. The film addresses the horrors he faces from psychopaths.

Guy Pearce and Italian actress Matilda Lutz masked the head-scratching flaws with solid performances. For example, every inch Zone 414 Is under constant surveillance. Andrew Baird, a production designer in his feature direction, cuts black and white security cam footage of the main characters throughout the film. How could Veidt’s daughter disappear without a trace? Thankfully, Pearce’s seriousness takes a sympathetic focus on the android’s plight. Whereas Lutz’s existential crisis is completely understandable. Jane contemplates suicide because she escaped Zone 414, but his programming would not allow it. Death may be preferable to endless slavery and exploitation.

Anyone who follows the wonders at Boston Dynamics or Elon Musk’s Tesla bot presentation knows that humanoid robots are just around the corner. They’ll go from picking up boxes to sexual and emotional partners in no time. Would it be allowed to beat a robot that could feel pain in the electronic pulp as it relaxed? Zone 414 Portrays a world that is frighteningly possible. The film stumbles at times, but effectively offers a stern warning of what is to come. I also wonder if “Marlon Weidt” is a sign watchmanK Adrian Weidt/Ozymandias. Zone 414 is a production of Highland Film Group. It will have a theatrical, VOD and digital release from Saban Films on September 3.

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