A Car and Computer Help Shopper Complete Wacky Parking Project

Everybody needs a project. Gareth Wilde included his Skoda Octavia parking everywhere at his local supermarket. And after six years of starting, he was finally finished.

The 39-year-old Britain challenged herself aggressively in a bid to make her weekly supermarket visits less mundane.

And he took the effort seriously, using the power of Google Maps and spreadsheets to devise a strategy that would target all 211 parking spots as efficiently as possible.

In a series of tweets this week, Wilde revealed details of his impressive feat, which he described as his magnum opus.

For the past six years I have listed spreadsheets each parking lot used in local supermarkets in a bid to park all those parks. This week I completed my Magnum Opus! a thread.

& mdash; Gareth Wilde (@garethwild) 27 April, 2021

The director of the London-based company told how in 2015, after a few years of going to the same local supermarket, he started thinking about “how many different places I parked and where to park them all.” How long will it take. ”The parking project was born.

Wild was launched by hitting Google Maps to get a satellite shot of the entirety of the parking lot. Then he turned it into a diagram to get a clear view of all places.

There are orange box trolley bays around the car park, the black space is an irregularly shaped patch that is too small for a car and therefore zero and then many families, the disabled and a motorcycle bay. pic.twitter.com/EWJE2xOCYo

& mdash; Gareth Wilde (@garethwild) 27 April, 2021

“I don’t have a motorcycle and I’m not handicapped, but I have kids, so I can use family places,” Wilde said. Or “win,” as he put it.

He also made it easy for him to find out exactly where he was parking so that he could quickly update his spreadsheet when he arrived home.

Spreadsheets were, of course, an important part of the project, with Wilde proudly posting the completed file on Twitter this week.

A weekly shop (with a few extra visits here and there) convinced Wilde that he could complete the challenge within about four years, but his unforgivable failure to factor in the global pandemic meant it was too long. Time is up.

And the project also produced some emotional moments. Responding to a question on Twitter, Wilde said that “getting all Region B was the same joy as I had at the time of my first birth,” adding, “Probably better.”

As a function of public service, the parking guru has also taken time To create a special map For store parking, marking the best and worst spots for future visitors.

It is unclear what type of challenge Wilde is taking next, although he did mention that he is currently eyeing the parking lot of another supermarket, which is currently open closer to his home.

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