A bug meant Twitter Fleets could still be seen after they disappear – ClearTips

A bug meant Twitter Fleets could still be seen after they disappear – TechCrunch

Twitter Is the latest social media site to allow users to experiment with posting missing content. Flats, as Twitter tells them, allows its mobile users to post short stories, such as photos or videos with overlaying text, that disappear after 24 hours.

But a bug meant that the fleet was not moving properly and could still be reached long after the 24-hour period had expired. Details of the bug were posted in a series of tweets on Saturday, less than a week after the feature launched.

The bug effectively allowed anyone to access and download the user’s fleet, allowing the user’s fleet to be read and by whom. The implication is that it can be misused to store a user’s fleet after this bug has ended.

Using an app that is designed to interact with Twitter’s back-end systems through its developer API. What returned was a list of fleets from the server. Each fleet had its own direct URL, which when opened in the browser loaded the fleet as an image or video. But even after 24 hours had passed, the server would still return links to fleets that were already missing in the Twitter app.

Upon arriving, a Twitter spokesman said that there was a fix on the way. “We know of a bug accessible through a technical solution where some of the flat media URLs may be accessible after 24 hours. We are working on a fix that should be started soon. “

Twitter admitted that the fix meant the fleet should now be properly depleted, adding that it would not remove the fleet from its servers for 30 days. We checked that we can load the fleet from their direct URL even after they are finished. Twitter said that if it violates its rules it could hold on to the fleet for a long time.

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