$978 OAS Benefit Payment Coming on January 10th? Fact Check, Rumours and Eligibility


Get the critical details of the $978 OAS Payment Coming on January 10th? Fact Check, Rumors and Eligibility from here. We will clear the doubt for the question $978 OAS Payment Coming on January 10th because the news is not at all false. CRA will be transferring the amount to the account holders due to the wide list of public holidays in the previous week.

$978 OAS Payment Coming on January 10th?

The payment will come in the first week of January due to the numerous public holidays that are stuck in the transaction. The news is for the $2250 payment for the older citizens as the pensionable benefits. To help the citizens in getting rid of the financial burden, the people are provided with old age security.

The citizens who have reached the standard age of retirement, that is 65 years, to get OAS. This is the pensionable amount that is transferred every month only to the older citizens. The thing that has to be noted by the citizens is that they have submitted the employment details, income details, tax return, and total required expenses after retirement to CRA.

$978 OAS Payment Eligibility

The people have to make at least one contribution when they are working to get the overall benefits from the OAS. The contribution rate is 5.95%, which is divided by two for your employer as well. Considering a case when you are self-employed, then you have to pay the full amount to CPP Contribution.

The individuals who are working from eighteen years of age and have completed a sufficient duration in Canada, such as more than ten years. The individuals have to submit the documents for employment and residency proof.

$978 OAS Payment Coming on January 4th

There is no procedure to apply directly for the OAS. The Government automatically analyses the list of beneficiaries according to the specific information. If in case, you do not receive the money after being 65 years old, then you have to contact CRA.

Connect to the officials via the Service Canada or the My CRA Account. The officials will guide you further for the same. Maybe the 10th could not be the sure shot date but at the end of the month, the beneficiary will receive the amount.

Expected OAS Schedule

The image above shows the details of the expected schedule for the OAS Payment. Kindly note that the amount will not be the same as it will be processed in Jan. The standard rates are fixed and will be processed by the CRA officials

Retirement Benefits to Canadians

The following are the kinds of pensions that will be provided to the eligible older people of the country.

  • Canada Pension Plan: This is a monthly taxable amount that is provided to older citizens. They have to ensure that they have made the contributions of 5.95% when they were working. CPP is the oldest and the most common pension scheme that the Government launches for the welfare of older people in the country.
  • Old Age Security: The monthly payment will be for the benefit of the individuals to pay the bills and buy the required essentials. The benefits are simply doubled when the beneficiary reaches the age of 70 because they receive the full payment. The amount is added up to CPP and the Guaranteed Income Supplement. In GIS, individuals have to make necessary investments, such as buying mutual funds, making relevant withdrawals, etc.

In the above-listed pension plans, the retiree can choose to retire at an age beyond the standard one. Also, they must ensure that they are filing their tax return annually.

$978 OAS Payment Fact Check

$978 will be the total amount that the beneficiaries in the month of Janaury. Due to the fact that they are also a part of CPP and GIS. They might have to pay the taxes if the total income will be more than it should be at the time of submitting the tax return.

  • $66500 was the amount that was used to be transferred in the past year but now the figure is changed according to the cost of living expenses of the Canadians.
  • CAD 68500 will be the amount that will be transferred to the account of the beneficiaries.
  • The people can get assistance from the officials of Service Canada.
  • The individuals must retire at the standard age as provided by the Canadian Government.
  • Minimum contribution to CPP during the working years is vital.
  • The OAS beneficiaries are also eligible for post-retirement benefits after a certain duration of continuously receiving the OAS amount.


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