$943 Social Security to All 50 States? What Changes Are Coming in the Year 2024? and other details can be checked from here. The social security is provided to the required citizens in all 50 states. However, the amount of benefits depends upon the state government and the cost of living in each state. Read the article below to know more details about $943 Social Security to All 50 States? What Changes Are Coming in the Year 2024?

$943 Social Security to All 50 States?

The Government of the US has been providing social insurance to its citizens in all the states. The aim of this program is to provide financial stability to seniors, disabled persons, and families with low incomes.

With the increase in the nation’s trade and stocks, there are certain increases in the market value. With the minimum wages provided and the retired seniors, it is difficult to meet the living. This article provides a clear understanding of the $943 Social Security if you are interested in the program or helping someone else to register for this. Read the article to know the complete details.

$943 Social Security Overview

The Social Security Administration helps citizens with their social insurance paychecks and additional supplementary aids. This payment is done in 30 days of frequency and the amount is directly deposited to the beneficiary’s account. The amount is usually deposited at the beginning of the month. With the beginning of the calendar 2024, the beneficiaries will get the increase of 3.2% in the credit. The amount will be increased from $914 of 2023 to $943 this year.

$943 Social Security to All 50 States

The COLA Benefit

The COLA was introduced to provide financial stability for consumer goods and retired pensioners. There is an increase with a margin of 3.2% in the SSI with the COAL benefits. The amount may vary depending on the individual and the family income. There will be a raise of $59 in the retirement pension every month. An average increase of $1898 to $1907 in January is expected. The maximum benefit that is claimed by the workers will be increased to $3822 per month.

SGA Benefits

The SGA benefits are under the disability supplementary aid. The amount received by the applicants with the eye impairement is $2590. The applicants with any other infirmity will be receiving the amount of $1550 every month from 2024.

SEIE benefits

The students who are working will be receiving help with the tuition fees. The minimum paycheck of $9230 every year will not affect the SSI benefits.

Medical Insurance benefits

The medical insurance benefit will be issued with $550 for every individual and the additional supplementary for the disability candidates will be $278.

$943 Social Security Eligilibilty

The natives should meet the minimum requirements to be eligible for the $943 check. Here are some of the minimum criteria

  • The applicants must have a limited income and the proof of income should be provided for verification.
  • The acknowledgment tax credits should be available.
  • The applicant should be above the minimum age of eighteen and a taxpayer.
  • The disabled candidates should have a long-term disability to be eligible for the additional supplementary.
  • The candidates should have the medical proof and the records of the medical bills.

All the documents should be provided during the application process. The authorities will have a closer look over all the applications to verify the identity.

SSI Payment Dates For 2024

The credits will be made at the start of the month. However, according to Government policies, the withdrawal dates vary depending on the date of birth of the applicants.

The applicants with birth dates from the first 10 consecutive dates will receive the amount on the third day of the first week. The birth dates within the next 10 days will be received in the next following weeks. Here are the payment dates of the month January 2024.

Date of Birth

Payment dates

From 1st January to 10th January


From 11th to 20th January


From 21st to 30th January


If there are any national holidays on the following day, the amount will be disbursed on the next working day.

What Changes Are Coming in the Year 2024?

The bill has been issued in Council for the increase in the tax asset limit of $10000 for the individual and $20000 for the married couple. With the increase in the tax credit limit, the SSI will be increased to $943 for the individual and $1415 for the couple.

To check the status of the claim , the eligible persons can go through the official website of SSA. The payment history and the further updates will be notified through the “My Social Security Account”.


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