80s Horror Classic The Changeling Is Getting a Remake with Director Anders Engström

Director Anders Engstrom remaking 1980’s supernatural thriller the Changeling. No production start date has been revealed, but it is expected to shoot in Ireland. Joel B. Michaels 1980 George C. Scott was the original producer of the starring film and is on board for the remake and says he kept the story’s original look the same. “I just added another layer of an extra big idea on it,” he says. “That [idea] Made it that way, but in a new and bigger way, [with] Big bets. “

The Changeling remake focuses on John Russell, a skilled musician who moves into a haunted mansion after the death of his wife and daughter, who were killed in a car accident. The remake will be an update and Joel B. Michaels is really excited to work on the upcoming project. He had to say this.

“I am delighted to have the unique opportunity to reopen an updated version of the iconic film the Changeling That I produced so many years ago. It is flattering to learn that it is inspired by a grain of filmmakers who paid tribute to the original film. I am excited to work with Anders Engstrom who will bring his contemporary vision to the film. “

Tab Murphy recently went into detail about what to expect with horror fans the Changeling Remake. “I don’t think it’s a shot-for-shot remake,” Murphy says. “I think you’d call it reimaging.” Murphy has taken over the story and added bits to keep it fresh and interesting, which will eventually push the remake in a new direction. He went and had to say it.

“Joel didn’t feel like I was in love with horror films. And it’s so bizarre to me that I’m 40 years old in my career and I’ve never written a horror film or a horror movie or a ghost story or whatever. Ho. I started talking about the original, I started talking about what I think needs to be done to understand it and bring it to a new generation of fans. “

the Changeling The remake was originally going to be in Venice, Italy, but Tab Murphy enabled him to try Ireland after his research. From there, Murphy tried to find something that he could “bring to the table that was fresh and new to the story.” He says, “I found something that was remarkable and true, and it worked really well as a supplement to the original story.”

From the sound of things, the remake note will not be a note for retailing the Changeling, Which could see some mixed reactions from horror fans. That being said, the original will always be there for new and old fans to return and check out. This new version seems to have its own thing when it takes place in the world of the original version. Deadline was first reported the Changeling Remake.

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Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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