8 Face Mask Chains to Help Keep Your Mask Close

Photography via Instagram.com/h.blog1

You didn’t know the latest piece of jewelery you needed.

The face mask chain can be the solution to stray masks uprooted on a street corner, and many times you may have seen your mask falling from your lap onto the ground while getting out of the car!

Keeping an eye on your favorite mask is like the impossible task of putting on a pair of gloves or mittin for an entire season, but the face mask chain is here to help you. Like the string that was fed through one hand and the other taken out of their mittens together in their childhood winter jackets, easy chains popping up all over Instagram will take your mask into consideration. Worn on the head and around the neck, a mask chain lets you break free of hands and ears when you don’t need to cover.

Your mouth may be covered, but with the stylish face mask series you can still make a bold statement. Manufactured by various jewelery brands and independent designers, the styles range from colorful beads to chunky acetate. Find a mask and chain set that speaks to your style and we won’t blame you if you swap them to match your outfits.

Click for 8 of our favorite face mask chains you won’t want to leave home without:

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