8 edtech investors talk reskilling, digital universities, ISAs and other post-pandemic trends – TipsClear

8 edtech investors talk reskilling, digital universities, ISAs and other post-pandemic trends – TipsClear

We know that Coronovirus has brought unprecedented attention to the edtech market, but now what? What happens when schools are no longer moving towards an overnight solution? When Surge Slows? When our world reopens and it is not necessary for children and parents to have a complete solution at home?

As the next wave of edtech companies are being built to address these novel use cases, investors are looking for solutions that are not just epistemic-era critical. For some, it means abandoning the latest videoconferencing platform Play and perhaps cutting the check to a digital-only university. For others, it means searching for a platform that will educate a diverse range of users, especially the unemployed.

An indication of recent consolidation within the market suggests that a better pipeline system is needed in the fragmented world of edtech.

We turned to eight investors in the space to understand which subcategories are taking shape for the future, following our first survey when the world was very different, and another in early April when the epidemic was poorly understood Was. Our goal here was to find non-obvious ways, which are living in the field of innovation with consistency. result? What an adaptation looks like between Intel, deal makers, and a time of uncertainty over nascent trends.

Today you will get a deep dive on zero stuff from the following investors:

  • Jennifer Carolan of Reach Capital, Shuntell Garvey and Chien Gong
  • Ian Chiu, Owl Ventures
  • Jan Lin-Matter, Emergent Education
  • David Eicher, TCV
  • Rebecca Cowden, USV
  • Jomera Harera, Cowboys VC

Investors varied on which subcategories benefited the most, but it is clear that the epidemic did not take up the entirety of the EdTech space. One investor noted that the epidemic also made him less interested in ISAS, while other venture capitalists noted that the financing instrument is now more valuable than ever.

We have gotten into some of the big topics that have grown over the past few months: online learning, re-skilling, ISA, virtual universities and where every investor draws their line around these categories.

A common theme now during commentary is that the opportunity presented by coronoviruses is not being met with grace, but rather a push to grow better. Investors talked about the need for innovation for childcare, costs, digital infrastructure and a addressable population, epidemic or not.

I think this is enough teasing. Now, on to the answer.

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