8 Boots Like Doc Martens For Men – Best Alternatives For 2023

April 1st, 1960.

At first blush, it looks like any other date. Far from it, though. Because whether they knew it or not, that was the first day of the rest of your feet’s lives. The day the iconic Dr. Martens 1460 boot was born.

[dramatic pause]

Anyway, fast-forward through several decades of counterculture, social rebellion, punk style, grunge attitude, and a few reinventions—with the 1460 boot at the sartorial center of it all—and here we are today, still talking about Doc Martens. Well, boots like Doc Martens, but close enough.

If you’re not into the OG for whatever reason, there are a handful of Doc Martens alternatives that are doing a nice job of honoring the 1460’s construction and aesthetic. The roomy uppers. The telltale stitching. The pull tab. And as the original boot has continued to evolve in terms of general styles and colors, so too have its alternatives. Black is here to stay, but it’s not the only game in town.

And with that, let’s get into it. Here are 8 boots like Doc Martens for your shit-kicking consideration.

Key Takeaways 

Dr. Martens has a storied legacy of quality craftsmanship, rugged individualism, countercultural style, and… knockoffs. But as fate would have it, there are more than a few boots like Doc Martens that are worthy of your attention.

Solovair, the British company that manufactured one of the earliest iterations of the iconic Dr. Martens 1460 boot, is responsible for stitching together my top pick for Doc Martens alternatives—the 8-Eye Derby Boot.

And on the budget side, Vostey’s Combat Casual Dress Boots take the crown. They won’t last forever, but they’ll turn plenty of heads during their formative years.

man wearing a pair of hiking boots
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Morjas Jumper Boot

Morjas boots are handcrafted in Portugal and held to the highest standards of quality, comfort, and style. Which is really just another way of saying you owe it to your current self and your future self (yes, they’re also going to last a long time) to pick up a pair.

And if you’re a fan of the Doc Martens aesthetic, make it the Morjas Jumper Boot. It’s a dressed-up version of the species made of supple leather and featuring a straight toe cap, Goodyear welt construction, a storm welt for added water-resistance, and a pull tab to keep things from getting too serious. Jeans and a button-down are a good play with these, but you could just as easily pair them with a casual suit.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes: 5.5-13.5 | Colors Available: 3

Myrqvist Tjärnö Black Calf

It’s not all counterculture and punk when it comes to boots like Doc Martens. A select few of its alternatives somehow manage to honor the 1460’s legacy while simultaneously elevating it to full-on dress shoe status.

The not-at-all-difficult to pronounce Tjärnö boot from not-at-all-difficult to pronounce Portuguese brand Myrqvist is one of those boots. Linguistics aside, this is one hell of a boot. It’s business down low with elegant punching on the full-grain leather upper and party up top with four hooked eyelets and a pull tab. And while you’re there, grab a pair of moisture-wicking merino wool boot socks from Myrqvist to round out your boardroom-ready look.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes: 6.5-12.5 | Colors Available: 1

Velasca Pastissee

Italian brand Velasca is yet another excellent place to turn if you’re looking for boots that, if taken care of, are likely to last a lifetime. Its Pastissee boot is made of calfskin leather and features a cushy yet durable para rubber sole.

This is a rugged pair of boots that you can and should wear during long-weekend camping trips and day hikes. But if you consider yourself more of an indoorsman, they’ll also look fantastic with a pair of jeans and a cable knit sweater as you lounge in front of an oversized fireplace.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes: 5-14 | Colors Available: 3

Vostey Combat Casual Dress Boots

If you’re looking for boots like Doc Martens, it stands to reason that you care about quality, but also aesthetics. It also stands to reason that you might not necessarily want to pay Doc Martens prices. If that’s the case, Vostey’s Combat Casual Dress Boots are worth a look, especially for the price.

Vostey, a brand you’ve almost certainly never heard of, will be making another appearance on this list in a few shakes—and you’ll find that’s for good reason. These Doc Marten alternatives aren’t going to last a lifetime, or even a decade for that matter. But what they will do is look incredible below the cuff of your selvage denim jeans and a crisp T-shirt. And what they also will do is… not cost much.

Material: Synthetic leather | Sizes: 8-14 | Colors Available: 2

Vostey Motorcycle Boots

As promised, here comes Vostey again with another take on its Doc Martens-adjacent combat boots. This pair leans heavier into the motorcycle vibe with its side zippers, chunky soles, padded collars, and eye-catching black buckles on the back of its uppers.

These are going to work best for guys with plenty of confidence and an undeniable edge. I see you, edge guy. So do these boots and their come-hither bold styling. You can’t go wrong by pairing them with black jeans and a white T-shirt. And though these are far from winter boots, I could also see you wearing them with a flannel and dark jean jacket during the colder months.

Material: Fabric and leather | Sizes: 7-15 | Colors Available: 14

Blundstone #1931

I’ve been wearing Blundstone Chelsea boots for years. And though their tough-as-nails construction and interesting designs have served me well, the brand has a deep bench of styles to choose from. Which brings us to the #1931 boot and its close-but-not-too-close resemblance to Doc Martens’ iconic 1460.

Like all Blundstone boots, these too feature a pull tab in the back. And while they’re not technically pull-on work boots, they’re certainly close enough—especially when you factor in other rugged details like a cushioned midsole for shock absorption, slip-resistant outsoles, and water-resistant leather uppers. And even if you’re not calling upon the #1931 for work boot duty, they’re still handsome enough to make your everyday office, happy hour, or coffee-run rotation.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes: 6.5-11.5 | Colors Available: 1

Thursday Boot Company Stomper

NYC-based Thursday Boot Company has made quite a name for itself during its relatively short existence. Founded in 2014, much of the brand’s success can be attributed to the outstanding materials and craftsmanship that go into each piece of footwear—from cowboy boots to chukkas—coupled with unexpectedly approachable price tags.

Enter the Stomper. It’s a beautiful boot featuring side zippers and subtle antiquing across the upper thanks to its hand-finished Old English leather. But it’s got much more going for it than just good looks. Made to last and to take a beating, Thursday’s Stomper also employs storm welt construction, shock-absorbing insoles, and cork-bed midsoles designed to conform to the shape of your feet over time.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes: 6-16 | Colors Available: 3

Solovair 8-Eye Derby Boot

Doc Martens and Solovair have a long and winding history together that’s certainly worth exploring in detail. But since we’ve plenty of bootery yet to explore today, the quick-and-dirty rundown will have to suffice for now.

Ready? Here goes. Northamptonshire, England-based Solovair was the manufacturer of the iconic Dr. Martens 1460 boot for decades. Then Doc Martens took most of its production to Asia. Then Solovair just sort of carried on making its own boots.

The kicker: Those boots were and still are damn-near identical to the original Dr. Martens 1460.

And here it is ready to add to your cart. An eight-eyed derby boot with the deepest possible sartorial ties to the OG. The stitching isn’t yellow and a few construction tweaks were made here and there, but the Solovair 8-Eye Derby Boot is about as close as you’re ever going to get to the real thing.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes: 4-15 | Colors Available: 28

wearing a pair of 3 eye gibson by solovair
solovairuk / Instagram

What To Look For In Boots Like Doc Martens

Quality & Comfort

Doc Martens fans are attracted to the brand’s focus on quality construction and materials. When you’re shopping around for boots like Doc Martens, look for similar telltale signs of quality. Leather uppers that are easy to break in, tight stitching, sturdy, chunky soles, and thick insoles for added comfort are a few key details to prioritize.

Aesthetic Similarity

Regardless of why you’re in the market for Doc Martens alternatives, you’re almost certainly looking for a pair that closely resembles the original 1460 boot. Though they come in multiple colorways, you should generally be looking for chunky soles, eight or more eyes, bold stitching, and a pull tab in the back.


If Doc Martens rubbed you the wrong way when they moved manufacturing overseas, there are plenty of high-quality men’s boots you can turn to. The rub: They’re going to cost you. Prices run the gamut. And while cheaper options require you to sacrifice a bit of quality for style, know that they exist in spades.

wearing a pair of jumper boots by myrqvist
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Final Verdict 

As the manufacturer of the original Dr. Martens 1460, Solovair and its 8-Eye Derby Boot have no rival when it comes to producing boots like Doc Martens. That said, chunky soles, standout styling, and bold stitching can be found almost anywhere if you know where to look.


    • The first thing you can do is check the sticker on the box to make sure the style, color, and size match the specs etched into the boots themselves. Other things to look for include but aren’t limited to a yellow inspection sticker, meticulously spaced yellow stitching, a spare pair of laces, and accurate brand markings on the insoles and outsoles.

      • Doc Martens are a specific type of boot with a specific look. And while several brands make models that resemble them, none do it better than the Solovair company in Northamptonshire, England. The reason? Solovair used to produce the original 1460 boot and continued to make a very similar product after Dr. Martens moved its production overseas.

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