8 Best Insoles For Standing All Day – Relief For Men in 2023

Insoles won’t keep you off your feet, but they can make standing for long periods of time much more bearable. Whether it’s for work or exercise, the best insoles for standing all day will comfortably support your feet.

Plenty of products out there claim to alleviate foot ailments, but few do the job quite like a great pair of insoles. There’s a reason podiatrists recommend them for a wide variety of foot conditions, better support, and preventing fatigue: they work.

As you might expect, not all insoles are created equal, and for good reason. While the best shoe insoles for standing all day work on just about any foot, regardless of your arch type or issue, some cater to certain conditions, like plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, the list goes on.

Specific needs aside, the best insole for walking and standing all day is going to be firm and semi-rigid to endure the weight of your body. No memory foam here. You can also expect a deep foot cradle, cushion for those arches, and a slim enough profile to fit most of your kicks.

Key Takeaways 

When it comes to any insoles, look no further than the podiatrist-recommend PowerStep Pinnacle insoles. With layers of cushioning and semi-rigid arch support, they support both neutral, high, and low arches, while alleviating a variety of ailments.

For a budget pick that offers cushioned responsiveness and reduced impact on joints, consider Dr. Scholl’s Work All-day Superior Comfort Insoles.

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PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles

If you’re searching for the best shoe insoles for standing all day, why not go for what podiatrists recommend?  PowerStep is one of the few brands with an official AMPS seal for approval. They provide semi-rigid support and alleviate pain from heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and a variety of common foot, ankle, and knee injuries.

Pinnacle insoles are my top pick because they’re flexible and thin enough to fit just about every shoe with no trimming required. Even though they’re slim, they provide all the support you’ll need with two layers of ample foam cushioning, both at the deep heel cup and the arch.

I like Pinnacle because it’s ideal for neutral arch support. Whether you’re flat-footed or suffer from high arches, these bad boys will help. Regardless of your foot type, these insoles will reduce stress and fatigue on the feet, all day long.

Material: Polyester, Polypropylene, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate | Sizes: Men’s 3-16 | Product Benefit: Foot pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs | Color: Blue/black

Dr. Scholl’s Work All-Day Superior Comfort Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s is a brand we all know, and for good reason. They certainly know how to make one of the best insoles for walking and standing all day. But if you’re focused on alleviating specific and persistent foot conditions, they might not be your best bet.

When it comes to improving your overall foot comfort whilst standing for hours on end, however, they do provide sufficient support and solid energy return. And because they can be cut, they generally fit every type of shoe and boot, though this can be annoying for some people.

One thing they do right is cushioning. They’re responsive and gel-based to reduce impact on your joints. Ripple waves at the heel lend a literal spring to your step, while ample arch support distributes weight evenly, taking pressure off the foot.

I will say, I can appreciate that these new and improved inserts now come with odor-control technology. Not a must-have for the best insoles for walking and standing all day, but a nice plus.

Material: Rubber | Sizes: Men’s 8-14 | Product Benefit: Foot pain | Color: Blue

Superfeet GREEN High Arch Orthotic Support

Superfeet inserts might set you back a few bucks compared to other insoles, but they’re probably the best alternative to custom orthotics. They also provide exceptional durability, lasting for up to 12 months or 500 miles—whichever comes first.

Like the best of them, these have a high profile design that eases pressure on your joints and helps to stabilize the foot as you stand, walk, and run. I can also appreciate the deep heel cup that enhances support and provides shock absorption.

Plus, it comes with an odor-control coating, which only enhances your overall comfort if you’re on your feet all day.

Material: Polyester | Sizes: Men’s 2.5-17 | Product Benefit: Foot pain, high arch | Color: Green/gray

Risctrre Cushioning Comfort Sport Inserts

The first thing I noticed about these inserts was looks. As one would expect, they’re curved in an ergonomic fashion to balance the force structure of the foot, but they’re also uniquely perforated. The honeycomb design ensures air circulation, breathability and enhances their quick-dry feature.

But the most important thing here is comfort and support. These inserts do their job well if you happen to stand for hours on end, but especially if you have ailments that just don’t seem to go away with your average comfortable shoes.

Whether you have runner’s knee, shin splints, or plantar fasciitis, this elastic rubber insole is going to reduce stress, absorb shock, and provide ample cushioning for both your feet and knees.

Like the other best insoles for standing all day, they come with a U-heel design with dual cushioning. But what sets these inserts apart from the rest is a 3mm latex pad that supports the tibia.

Material: Rubber | Sizes: Men’s 5.5-16 | Product Benefit: Foot pain, runners knee shin splints, plantar fasciitis | Color: Orange

Easy Feet Premium Anti-Fatigue Shoe Insoles

If you suffer from foot issues like pronation, plantar fasciitis, or even bunions, then you’ll probably appreciate contoured cushioning and stabilization. Easy Feet insoles have both, thanks to a combination of gel and air capsules that smooth every step you take.

This makes them suitable for standing for long periods of time through a variety of foot conditions. A cozy heel cradle stabilizes your stride as you walk and takes pressure off your heel as you stand.

Like many of the best insoles for standing and walking all day, they aren’t cheap. But those layers of durable construction make it worth it.

Pro tip: Start wearing from 2-3 hours a day and increase gradually for optimal comfort and performance.

Material: Polyurethane foam, gel, thermoplastic polyurethane | Sizes: Men’s 4.5-14.5 | Product Benefit: Plantar Fasciitis, high arches + | Color: Black/red

Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles

They may look simple, but Walk Hero provides some of the best shoe insoles for standing all day. In fact, my husband just bought these because he’s been suffering from achilles tendonitis when he runs. These insoles help with that, alongside other pesky foot ailments, including pronation, flat feet, and relief from foot pain as a result of high arches.

There are three layers of premium foam working for you here. First is a premium silicone material that contours to the foot, reduces foot pressure and absorbs shock. The following two layers provide firmness for stability and support as you stand and walk.

Keep in mind that it includes an antibacterial cover for cooling scent control.

There is no need to cut these inserts, which can be a huge plus for busy dudes. Choose from a wide range of sizes and enjoy them every day in a variety of footwear.

Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate | Sizes: Men’s 4-16.5 | Product Benefit: Foot Pain | Color: Blue, gray, new blue

Sof Sole Insoles Men’s Athlete Performance

For neutral arch support, look no further than Sof Sole. And if you’re a runner or a waiter, this is also a great choice. They have lightweight cushioning, with gel pads at the heel and forefoot, plus a slim profile that fits most shoe types.

I will say they’re probably best in a sneaker-type shoe, as they’re designed for casual and athletic wear.

What makes them great for walking, running, and cross-training is ample tread. Just look at the bottom and all that grippage. With all that movement, it helps that they’re moisture-wicking to control odor and foot temperature.

Material: Gel | Sizes: Men’s 7-14 | Product Benefit: Foot Pain | Color: Orange

Dr. Scholl’s Comfort + Energy Massaging Insoles

Dealing with discomfort and fatigue on a regular basis? These inserts use a special massaging gel technology to combat the pain by reducing muscle fatigue in your legs and feet.

Regardless of your foot issue, these insoles provide bouncy comfort in every area of the foot. You’ll notice the extra support at the mid-sole and arch, and responsive wave cushioning at the forefoot and heel.

This same wave that supports the legs and feet while you stand is also helpful as you move. A recent study cited that participants moved 10% more while wearing these inserts. Stick them in your sneakers or any shoes you’ve got.

Material: Gel | Sizes: Men’s 8-14 | Product Benefit: Foot and leg fatigue | Color: Blue

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What To Look For In The Best Insoles For Standing All Day

Firm Comfort

It might seem counterintuitive, but soft, flexible insoles won’t give your feet the support they need against the pressure of your body. Podiatrists actually recommend firm, semi-rigid insoles for the best cushioning.

Material Composition

Again, super soft and squishy materials like memory foam will do you no good when it comes to standing on your feet all day. Synthetic materials like gel and neoprene, which is a synthetic rubber, will provide the right combination of firmness and give support to the foot.


While some of the best shoe insoles for standing all day enhance overall foot health and alleviate pain, some are geared towards specific conditions. There are inserts for bone spurs, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, lower back pain, even low or high arches. Be on the lookout for your specific need when reading descriptions, as this type of insert will help you most.

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Final Verdict 

The best insoles for standing all day provide ample cushioning and semi-rigid support for foot and joint health. PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles are a great choice because they’re podiatrist-recommended, thin enough for most types of shoes, and ideal for neutral arch support.


    • If you stand or walk all day, you should wear insoles, as they provide arch support, heel stability, and prevent foot and leg fatigue.

      • With proper cushioning, insoles make standing a much better experience by providing cushioning, support, and stability.

        • Semi-rigid insoles provide enough structure to support the body and comfort for alleviating pain and fatigue at all four parts of the feet-the forefoot, mid-sole, arch, and heel.

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