Who Qualify and How To Claim In January

$7,437 Child Benefit Per Child in Canada: Who Qualify and How To Claim In January 2024 is discussed on this page. The latest plan for a $7,437 Child Benefit Per Child in Canada has been in discussion. The parents or guardians will find the appropriate details in this article.

$7,437 Child Benefit Per Child in Canada

Canadian provinces and territorial tax credits have divided the amount into two important benefit schemes. The GST/HST credit and the Child Benefit Credit will be deposited with $7437 from the upcoming year.

The applicants have to provide the correct banking details to receive the payment. Read the Article To Know The Eligiblity And The Process To Claim The Credits.

FPT Payment Overview

The FPT payments are scheduled to be released in two deposited schemes. The GST/HST Credit is where the family get the benefit of purchasing the goods for business and personal needs. The Canada Child Benefit Plan will support the family in receiving the amount for the upbringing of the child. Here is the Summary of the two Benefit Claims.

GST/HST Credit Claim

The GST is the tax applied on the services or the goods purchased in the commercial or personal space. Even the objects downloaded from the internet have the GST tax imposed on them. This GST is different for the Provinces of Canada based on their provincial sales tax and is referred as HST.

$7,437 Child Benefit

The GST/HST is the tax-free money provided to citizens in quarterly instalments. Kindly note that the payable amount will differ according to the types of applicants. It depends upon the income of the family and the cost of living. The amount is deposited in January, April, July, and October.

For 2023, the base amount received by the individual was $450. For the married couple, it was $650, and the family with the child received $171 for each child under 19. Here is a summary of the tax rebate.

Canada Child Benefit Plan

This non-taxable amount is given to a family with a child under 18. The credit is deposited in the monthly instalments. The amount the family receives varies depending on the family income and the cost of living. There has been an increase in the payment from the previous year. According to the recent news, the claim funds will be increased by 6.3%.

Who Qualifies for $7,437 Child Benefit?

There are certain eligibility criteria for the Child Benefit Plan.

  • The family should be a resident of Canada for more than 10 years.
  • The family should be the taxpayer.
  • The pending taxes should be filled out before the next instalment date.
  • The child should be registered under the Child Benefit Act and should have applied for the RC66 form.
  • The individuals who are the parents of a new born baby or raising an adopted child. There is a condition when the dependent (child) is in custody. This will also be considered under CCB.

Important thing to note is that in case the above criteria is not approved, then there might be a delay in the disbursement of the amount.

How do you claim $7,437 in child benefits in January?

By now, the applicants might have understood the details of the scheme. In this section, they can check out the registration steps.

  • You can use the ABP to register your child for the benefit.
  • You can also apply using “My child benefits” on the “MY Account” of the CRA or by sending the RC66 Form.
  • You can also use the “My Benefits “web app on your mobile device to track the next instalment.
  • The amount will be directly deposited into your bank account.
  • The status of the credit and the date of claim can be checked on the “My Account” of the CRA portal.

The notification will be released before the deposit if there is a delay in the deposit of the amount.

Child Benefit Calculation

  • Children under the age of 6 will receive the amount of $7437 yearly. The monthly instalment of this amount will be $619.05.
  • The child between the age limit of 7 to 18 years will receive the amount of $6275 (on an annual basis). The monthly instalment of this amount will be $525.75. This credit starts to reduce if the family income is more than $35000
  • The family with a single child will receive the reduction of 7% of the adjusted family net income.
  • The family with two children will receive a reduction of 13%, and the family with four or more children will receive a reduction of 23%.

Child Disability Benefits

The child with the disability will receive an additional monthly benefit of $3173 every year. The CDB starts to reduce with the increase in the AFNI over $75000. For the families with a single disabled child will receive a reduction of 5% of AFNI and 2.5% for the family with more than one disabled child.


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