7 Best Men’s Hair Gel for Thin Hair – Styling Every Hair in 2023

If you’re a thin-haired fella like me, even the best pomades won’t quite get the job done when it comes to styling your ‘do to perfection. When your follicles are thinner, keeping your hair from looking like a plate of overcooked spaghetti is no easy feat. That’s where hair gel comes in.

Whatever your styling aspirations, the best men’s hair gel for thin hair will keep your man mane looking slick and sharp all day long.

Coupled with the right shampoo, the best styling gel for thin hair will help to give your ‘do the extra volume it needs while maintaining a firm hold without making you look like a glorified LEGO character.

While there are so many brilliant options out there, many gels for thin hair are gunky, clunky, and fail to deliver on their promises. So, to save you time and money (I know you have more important things to do with both), I’ve put together a list of hair gel for thin hair.

Are you ready to enjoy the hair do you deserve? Read on!

Key Takeaways

Much like when you’re choosing a hair oil, putty, or paste, it’s important to put your personal hair-styling needs first when committing to a gel for thin hair.

For a well-rounded, hair-boosting product that will keep your hair looking full and healthy throughout the day, Johnny B. MODE is my top pick. If you’re in search of something that will thicken your hair up while offering a firm hold, Tea Tree’s firm hold gel is your best bet. For a water-based product that will hydrate your hair while giving your do plenty of volume, CRVFT will deliver the goods.

man with a thin hair with a clean haircut
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Johnny B. MODE

In addition its ultra cool name, MODE from Johnny B. is my overall pick for THE best men’s hair gel for thin hair. Not only does this strong-hold concoction sport an irresistible citrus scent, but it’s reasonably priced and works well with any hair type.

This punchy gel for thin hair is alcohol-free and made with a balanced mix of natural vegan ingredients, so it won’t interfere with any hair loss treatments. With literally thousands of excellent reviews on Amazon, you can also rest assured that this is a tried, tested, and trusted product.

Hair type: All  | Hold: Strong | Cruelty Free: Yes

Viking Revolution

If you’re on a bit of a budget (no shame, we’ve all been there) and you need to tame that thinning mane, you can’t go wrong with a dollop or two of Viking Revolution. Perfect for every type of hair, especially curls, this subtly-scented hair gel offers a firm yet natural hold – plus it’s flake-free. Just a small amount of this stuff goes a long way and will add plenty of volume to your hair while offering a healthy shine. A lightweight yet strong gel that will work wonders for every occasion.

Hair type: Normal to curly  | Hold: Strong | Cruelty Free: Yes

Johnny B. DOPE

You read that right, Johnny B. has made my best hair gel for thin hair hitlist twice. This popular luxury product offers all of the root-boosting perks of MODE, but it sports a super fresh botanical scent and a grease-free shine that will turn heads wherever you go. Since this  is technically a gel-pomade hybrid, you get the best of both worlds with a soft feel and strong hold. This gel is perfect for everyone, but it’s especially effective if your hair is extra flat or straight.

Hair type: Straight | Hold: Strong | Cruelty Free: Yes

American Crew

As one of Amazon’s top picks, this light-hold gel from American Crew is perfect if you’re looking to volumize your hair while achieving a natural finish. The scent is subtle yet moreish. It’s also packed with natural ingredients that will moisturize your hair strands, keeping your man mane healthy day in and day out. With an overall rating of 4.6 Amazon stars and thousands of glowing reviews, this gel for thin hair won’t let you down.

Hair type: All | Hold: Light | Cruelty Free: Yes

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean

If you want an everyday, go-to, thin hair gel that will go the extra mile, Garnier Fructis Pure Clean is it. Not only does this trusty concoction boast that iconic n tropical fruity Fructis scent, it also contains Acai gum—meaning it offers an epic hold for all hair types. A little of this stuff will give your hair the boost it needs while keeping your follicles super healthy. Oh, and considering how gosh darn reliable it is, Pure Clean also comes with a wallet-friendly price tag.

Hair type: All | Hold: Firm | Cruelty Free: Yes

CRVFT Gel Pomade

This cool, water-based gel pomade has an almost cream-like quality with a bounce that will mold even the flattest, thinnest hair into shape. With a decidedly fresh yet musky scent known as ‘Boss’, this perfectly textured product is grease and flake-free. It boasts a strong hold as well as a tasteful medium shine that lasts throughout the day. A dollop or two of this will whip your hair into shape while giving your scalp enough moisture to keep it happy and healthy.

Hair type: All | Hold: Strong | Cruelty Free: Yes

Tea Tree firm hold gel

If you’re looking for that extra bit of boost, this root-lifting gel from Tea Tree will breathe life into even the most lackluster man manes. The cool mint, citrus, and, of course, tea tree scent is out of this world. With its long-lasting firm hold, this thickening gel will make the perfect addition to your daily styling regime. Trusted by over 3,000 fellas worldwide, this ultra fresh concoction will deliver the goods when it comes to making your hair look fuller and thicker.

Hair type: All | Hold: Firm | Cruelty Free: Yes

two tubes of american crew styling gel
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Buying Considerations For The Best Men’s Hair Gel For Thin Hair


First Thing’s first when considering the best men’s hair gel for this hair, you should check the ingredients. Generally, gels for thin hair will contain properties that offer a firm hold, but some are more natural than others.

If you have a particularly sensitive scalp, aim for a product with mostly natural ingredients to avoid irritation. If you’re using hair loss products, double check that the gel ingredients won’t interfere with your results.

Hair type

The next thing to consider when choosing the best styling gel for thin hair is, well, your hair type. Think about whether your hair is fine or thin, oily or dry, and pick a product that will suit your needs best.

Some gel for thin hair has hydrating properties while some offer extra volumizing qualities (perfect if you have extra fine follicles). So, take a look at the label and product description of any potential candidates.


Just like when you’re shopping for hair powder, a mousse or hairspray, you should always take the hold into account before pressing the ‘buy’ button.

Usually, the best styling gels for thin hair will tell you exactly how firm the hold of their products are on the packaging. Think about your hairstyling needs and choose a hold that will help you achieve (and maintain) your perfect look.

holding a tube of tea tree firm hold gel
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Final Verdict

My pick for overall best men’s hair gel for thin hair, MODE from Johnny B. suits every hair type imaginable. In addition to its sensational scent, this epic concoction is packed with nourishing ingredients, is easy to apply, and offers a volumizing hold that will keep your hair in shape whatever the weather.

While MODE may be my top pick of the bunch, every product on this list boasts its own set of hair-boosting perks and is trusted by style-conscious gents (like yourself) across the globe. Think about your personal needs, take another look at the list, and pick what’s best for you.


    • The right type of hair gel will help give thin hair a boost and maintain the right level of hold throughout the day.


      The best styling gel for thin hair contains ingredients that are kind to the scalp and follicles while giving the roots a lift to add volume. Choose the right styling gel for your needs and you will see a notable improvement in your hair do.

      • Like a good hair wax, the right gel will add volume and texture to thin hair. Picking a hair gel specifically designed for fellas with thin hair will make the styling process a whole lot easier.


        The best gels for thin hair offer that extra bit of punch and hold, making them perfect for adding body and volume.

        • For the best results when using the best men’s hair gel for thin hair, there are a few things to consider.  You should apply your gel once your hair is clean and mostly dry. This will offer the canvas for styling.


          Start with a coin-sized blob and rub it evenly across your fingertips. Work it into the roots before distributing it to the tips. Style your hair to create the desired effect. You can always add a little more if required.

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