’60 Minutes’ producers launch a ’10 minute or less’ Quibi series in bid to attract younger viewers – TipsClear

After teasing the arrival of the series for a few months, Quibi is finally set to make her debut on 60 Minutes for the social media generation. This mainly means that the content at the top corresponds to the short attention span of the audience that the service has hung all its hopes, dreams and $ 1.8 billion on.

The new tech on America’s oldest newsmagazine went under the banner of ’60 IN 6′ – a bit confusing, given that its creators are making short definitions of short form content at “10 minutes or less”.

At the very least, the first few episodes were timed in the U.S. Current climate is given in Correspondent Wesley Lowy hosted the first episode from Minneapolis in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. He will sit with Floyd and Reverend Al Sharpton. A later episode featured interviews with the Minnesota NAACP’s president and local government and community members.

Two episodes of the series have been premiered this Sunday, most notably on the Quibby app (which can now take pity on TV via Airplay and Chromecast). Further episodes will be added on Monday. It joins the existing book News programs from the BBC, with the similarly formatted NBC Snapchat series Stay Stay Tuned, as a method for breaking through younger generations as the old-school media giants bank on the short form version of old content.

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