6 New Tech Products to Combat COVID-19

Life during coronaviruses can certainly be stressful. Many of us are still stuck at home, separated from familiar social routines. Some are returning to workplaces in states where the case count is increasing rapidly. The concerns may seem endless, but many companies are stepping up to the plate to lift our woes – new and amazing products designed to make our lives better (and safer) during the epidemic.

Please keep in mind that due to COVID-19, product availability is always changing. Some of the items in this list may be on back-order.

iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

If someone in your family has the virus, it is a good idea to keep your distance from them as much as possible. But for those times when you need someone to help you take your temperature, especially children, it is good to have technology like iTech’s no-touch thermometer. The device uses a hybrid of three different thermal readings to indicate a person’s body temperature. Just aim the thermometer about an inch from someone’s forehead, then press the measurement button. When the reading is complete, the probe trembles silently (which is great for sleeping children), and the temperature reading is displayed on the probe’s LED screen. The no-touch is powered by two AAA batteries, with instructions and a one-year warranty.

Tropro Touchless Soap Dispensers

Combining touch-free technology and sleek design, this soap pump by TROPRO is great for both home and office. The pumping technique reacts to how closely your hand is placed on the dispenser. Keep it close to a little soap, or away for more. The simple two-button design handles both power and volume of soap (or hand sanitizer). Long press to turn on / off dispenser; When turned on, use the short press to adjust the output. The leak-free casing means that you don’t have to worry about the device being miniaturized and it will run on any brand of AAA battery. Our only small criticism is that we want the dispenser to run on its recharging power.

Forno Anti-Touch Door Opener Tool

This may not sound like much, but this key-shaped door opener can open many different types of doors or drawer handles and knobs, and can easily be used for many other purposes. Push the elevator button, grip, and flush toilet handle, and turn some appliances off or on. It is made of solid brass, so if you accidentally leave it, it will not smash or crack, and it can be easily cleaned and cleaned with your favorite disinfectant. Even after the virus has passed, it won’t be good to be around this little man. It is also sweet that for less than $ 20, you get four of them.

59s uv light sanitizer wand

This portable disinfectant-wand is great for on-the-go sanitizing for a range of ultra-powerful UV-C LED lights. Use it to disinfect your phone and other mobile technology, sofas, beds and many other surfaces. To use, turn around and scan the surface on which you are trying to disinfect. Shoot for five to 10 swipes at a distance of about an inch. that’s all there is to it. After about three minutes, the power of the stick will decrease (or you can manually press the scan button to end the cycle). The auto shut-off function will be attached if the stick accidentally turns on or turns on again during disinfection, and thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, you should not worry about power during travel.

GoZone Wi-Fi Touchless Menu ™

At this time, it is important to reopen businesses to reduce or eliminate touch-heavy items such as physical menus. Fortunately, there is a product that is designed just for the purpose. From the folks at GoZone Wi-Fi (a network analytics firm), the touchless menu is a combination of hardware and software for both restaurant owners and their returning guests. How it all works is fairly simple, but extremely effective: GoZone provides restaurant owners with pre-configured Wi-Fi routers that connect to their existing network-gear. After the restaurant owner uploads their menus to GoZone’s servers, the GoZone router creates its own Wi-Fi network that guests can connect to their mobile devices. When guests launch their web browser, the menu will automatically display on their device. Demos of the product suite (as well as add-ons to other GoZone services) are available on GoZone’s site.

Touchless menu on GoZoneWiFi.com

Fitbit Work Dashboard Ready

It can be difficult to decide whether you should return to work, especially if your state is in the middle of the peak of the virus. Fortunately, Fitbit‘s mind has produced a new application for employers and their workforce. Once the service is purchased and activated, employees can download the Ready for Work app on their mobile device. Every day, the app walks the employee through a symptom checklist, and allows them temperature and heart-rate readings as well as symptom tracking. Many of these readings are synced to the app from actual Fitbit devices, whether provided by the employer or owned individually. Based on employee data, the app will then provide guidance on whether or not you should go into work that day. The application also offers various wellness services, such as positivity coaching and mobile co-op games for mobile office friends.

For business owners, the Ready for Work dashboard lets employers know if employees are willing to return to work, as well as monitor to see if there is a history of COVID-19 symptoms on their team. .

Ready to work on Fitbit.com

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