If you have bough a TV from Vizio since 2014, then you must read this post for complete information on $50 Vizio Settlement Claim 2024: Application Form Available, and Who is Eligible?

$50 Vizio Settlement Claim 2024

Vizio could owe you money if you purchased a TV from them in California after April 30, 2014. Vizio, a TV manufacturer, is coming under fire for making bold and unfounded promises about the high refresh rates of their models. VIZIO disputes that its advertising misled TV customers and insists that its statements were true.

However, as Vizio was unable to support their position, they were forced to pay around $3 million as part of the $50 Vizio Settlement Claim 2024. Individuals may be eligible for payments of up to $50, but the settlement requires claims to be submitted by March 30, 2024.

You can consider reading this post, if you are interested in knowing about $50 Vizio Settlement Claim 2024, and want to know who all are eligible for it.

Complete Details on $50 Vizio Settlement

After being accused of using “false and deceptive” marketing to promote its effective refresh rates of 120Hz and 240Hz in a 2018 class action lawsuit, consumer electronics manufacturer Vizio agreed to pay $3 million. From the website where claims may be filed, Vizio claims to have correctly labeled each television with the right “Hz” standard and denies any wrongdoing.

$50 Vizio Settlement Claim

While “120Hz” and “240Hz” effective refresh rates are advertised on select Vizio TVs, these numbers really represent a consequence of motion clarity technology. For most of them, 60Hz is their true, natural refresh rate. According to lawsuuit, this is why the company failed: “false and misleading” advertising.

Vizio has promised to “stop the advertising practices” and, as part of the settlement, “provide enhanced services and limited one-year warranty to all settlement class members.”

$50 Vizio Settlement Claim Overview

Article Title $50 Vizio Settlement Claim 2024
Country USA
Company TV Manufacturer Vizio
Net Amount 3 million dollars
Amount Per Person $17-$50
Eligible Date After April 30, 2014
Complete Information Find Here

Vizio Settlement Claim Application Form

The class action settlement may be payable to any Californian who purchased a new Vizio television after April 30, 2014, provided that the television was advertised as having a “240Hz effective refresh rate” or a “120Hz effective refresh rate.”

In order to be eligible, claims must be submitted by March 30th of 2024, and the form is available on Vizio’s site. The claim application must include some form of ownership proof, such as a copy of the invoice or the serial number.

According to the lengthy letter, claims are valid for any TV from April 30, 2014, until the agreement’s final approval, which is scheduled for June, 2024 hearing.

Who is Eligible?

The settlement has certain conditions according to which the claims can be filed by eligible customers. You may submit a claim form on the class-action lawsuit’s website right now if you bought a Vizio television in California after April 30, 2014.

A pro rata reduction in settlement payments, which are contingent on the quantity of eventually submitted accepted claims, will apply to people receiving up to $50 in compensation. Individuals will get $17 or, if the money permits it, up to $50. If more claims than the $3 million fund are received, the individual compensation could not even be $17. In addition, Vizio will cover legal costs.

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