5 South Park Episodes Dropped from HBO Max Because of Prophet Muhammad References

5 South Park Episodes Dropped from HBO Max Because of Prophet Muhammad References

Five South Park Episodes featuring Prophet Muhammad of Islam have been removed from HBO Max. After subtracting those five episodes, all 23 seasons are available to stream on the new platform. Trey Parker and Matt Stone never shied away from the controversy, which resulted in them receiving death threats in 2010 in a season 14 episode featuring an Islam prophet Muhammad. This is clearly one of those episodes that will not be streaming on HBO Max and was not even part of the Hulu streaming deal. In addition, the episode was not remade on Comedy Central and was also not included on the DVD release.

However, HBO Max will not stream other controversial episodes South Park. 200 and 201 of Season 14, Cartoon Wars Part I and Part II of Season 10 and Super Best Friends of Season Five are not included for subscribers. All of the above episodes contain references to Prophet Muhammad, and not all were streamed on Basu except the Cartoon Wars. Cartoon Wars is the new addition to the HBO Max stack. It should be noted that these four special episodes can still be seen on the official South Park Website.

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While these are old episodes of a long-running animated series, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are still capable of hitting people internationally. Last year, they were able to successfully get South Park China was banned following criticism of President Xi Jinping. With everything going on in the world, the next season should be quite interesting because every day feels like a real-life version South Park The episode is playing in front of us.

HBO Max licensed South Park in 2019 with a deal worth over $ 500 million. The hit animated series had just recently been renewed by Comedy Central for three more seasons, which would still see new episodes before anyone else. From there, HBO Max will receive the latest episode 24 hours later, unless it mentions Prophet Mohammed. If this happens, it will not be made for the new streaming service. While it would be fine to look elsewhere, Matt Stone and Trey Parker should make a triple decision on their antics.

South Park Has been on air since 1997 and as of this article has a total of 307 episodes. 302 of those episodes are currently available to stream on HBO Max. The series has received numerous accolades, including five Primetime Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award, and numerous other mentions over the past 23 years. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have at the same time been able to maintain their brand of humor, highlighting society, which is often over the top and crazy. With the world going crazy as one of their episodes, one would wonder where they would go from here. Deadline was the first to report a missing person. South Park Episodes of HBO Max.

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