What is it and Who is Eligible?

$485/Month Social Security increase News: What it is and who is eligible for this amount is discussed on this page. Certain regulations are made for the changes in the SSA payment in the upcoming months. There is good news that the pensioners can obtain the full benefits of the retirement plans with the increase in the Social Security credits. The article below summarizes the $485/Month Social Security increase News: What is it and Who is Eligible?

$485/Month Social Security Increase News

The US government provides social security insurance to provide financial stability to families below the poverty line. These insurances are the source of income for retired pensioners, families with low incomes, or individuals with minimum wages. With the increase in the economic rate, the budget for minimal living has also increased.

To Overcome this situation, the authorities have announced an increase in the benefit amount by $485. With the start of the new year, the increase in amount will also be initiated. Read the articles to know more about the Social Security increase News.

What Is It About?

The IRS generally manages the Social Security Payment. The insurance is deposited in the various welfare programs such as SSID, SSI, and VA. Over 75000 million families are provided support under this program. Social security provides financial support in times of higher inflation. The changes made in the deposit will be different for the individuals based on their net income.

$485 Month Social Security increase

It is estimated that the amount will increase from $485 to $2400 in the monthly paycheck. This amount is not the same for all the applicants. Individuals with low incomes will be provided an increase of $485 to $1000. The families will receive the increased amount of $485 to $2400. Certain changes will be in the Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, and Veteran Benefits.

COLA Social Security

The COLA was introduced to provide financial stability for workers with minimum wages and retired pensioners. There is an increase with a margin of 8.7% in the SSI with the COAL benefits in the previous year. However, due to inflation, there is a deduction in COLA benefits by 3.2%. There will be a monthly raise of $59 in the retirement pension. An average increase of $1898 to $1907 in January is expected. The maximum benefit that the workers claim will be increased to $3822 per month. The amount may vary depending on the individual and the family income.

From the previous years, there has been a rapid growth in the COAL benefit. Here is the summary of the increase rate.


Increase Rate











Social Security Cost Adjustment For 2024

There are certain updates in the SSI for the year 2024 and the changes will be implemented soon. The maximum Taxable amount of Social Security is increased to $168600. The maximum earning limit for citizens below the retirement age will be extended to $22320. There will be a deduction in the retirement pension if the earning limit is exceeded by $1.

The deduction of $1 will be for every $2 increased over the limit. The earning limit for the people reaching their retirement in the upcoming 12 months will be increased to $59600.

Who Is Eligible?

The eligibility criteria for the applicants for the $485 Monthly Social Security depends upon the candidates who have applied for the pension plan.

The candidates receiving the insurance amount under the COAL benefits, SSID, SSI, and VA are eligible for this increased amount.

If you are a new applicant for the SSID, SSI, and VA benefits, you should register using the “My Social Security Account”.

The claimants can also register using the helpline number 1-800-772-1213.

Payment Dates Of 2024

The credits will be made at the start of the month. The date of birth of the applicants is very important to know the disbursement date.

The applicants with birth dates from the first 10 consecutive dates will receive the amount on the third day of the first week. The birth dates within the next 10 days will be received in the next following weeks. The payment dates for this month are detailed below.

Date of Birth

Payment dates

From 1st January to 10th January


From 11th to 20th January


From 21st to 30th January


If there are any national holidays on the following day, the amount will be disbursed on the next working day.


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