4 Saturday deals you shouldn’t miss

4 Saturday deals you shouldn't miss

Happy weekend, Cheapskates. Today we look at four ways that you can make life a little easier. First: grilling your house indoors without filling it with smoke. Next: Improving your laptop’s Wi-Fi without spending large sums on a mesh network. Then there is the mouse pad you didn’t know you needed. Yes, mouse pad. Listen to me. And finally: a wireless solar power bank


In my fairly small residence, grinding something on the kitchen stove often turns off the smoke alarm, which is not fun. And because it is about eight months here in winter, outside of the year, grilling is rarely convenient.

Enter the indoor smokeless grill, which is exactly what it sounds like: an electric grill with a fan designed to virtually eliminate smoke.

This PowerXL model, in a variety of colors, with promo code can be yours for just $ 50 CNETPXL. It is manufacturer-refurbished, but with a one-year warranty. Current price on Amazon for a new one: $ 120. Current user rating on Amazon: 4.6 stars from over 1,400 buyers.

If I had room for another instrument, I would have caught one of these in a heartbeat. If you already own one (or something similar), let me know if you think the place is worth exploring.


Working from home often means locating yourself in a corner of the house, where Wi-Fi does not reach. If you’re having trouble getting a good signal (and I’d consider your last zoom meeting was a good indicator), consider upgrading your laptop’s Wi-Fi antenna.

Just plug in this top rated TP-Link adapter, which supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. It has dual, multidirectional antennas, a two-year warranty, and 24/7 technical support (always handy when dealing with Wi-Fi).

I know that $ 5 is not a huge savings, but if it increases the connectivity of your laptop, I think you will agree that it is very well spent $ 25.


A mouse pad? Actually? Like I said, I’m here to make my life a little better. And I don’t know about you, but I use a mouse every day. This can be a huge stretch on the wrist, plus my hands are icy-cold from resting on the desk.

Cheap, effective fix: Amazon’s $ 10 mouse pad (actually only $ 9.50, to be exact – you’re welcome!). It has a raised, gel-cushion pad at the bottom, so your wrist stays level with the mouse and your hand stays warm (er).

I have used one of these for years; Can’t recommend it highly enough. Seriously.


Amazon seller: Aikov U.S.

Price: $ 21.59 with promo code 3GSSQHSJ

From here I want to give all mobile chargers a solar panel on one side and a Qi wireless charging pad on the other side. This one is equipped with a 26,800-mAh battery in between. This is enough juice to recharge a bunch of mobile devices, perhaps more than once.

Choice: Sleek-looking LCD charge-status window, three-LED built-in flashlight and support for charging four devices simultaneously.

Dislikes: No USB-C port, only Type-A, and those LEDs don’t give too much light. But it is difficult to complain at this price. If you don’t need USB-C, this is a killer deal.

Ok you go! If I managed to make your life a little easier today, then pursue it: see if you can find a way to help someone else.

This article was first published on Thursday. It has been updated for the weekend.

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