DWP is Giving £330/Month to Everyone Who Meets the 35-hour rule

For those who are providing care for an individual who needs assistance due to age, disability, or disease, the UK government pays a weekly social welfare payment. You can find the details of this 35 Hours Rule in UK to get £330: DWP is Giving £330/Month to Everyone Who Meets the 35-hour rule in this post.

35 Hours Rule in the UK to get £330

You can be eligible for a £330 monthly DWP payment if you provide care for a friend or family member who has a disability or a sickness, including a terminal illness. If they fulfill the UK’s “35 hours” requirement, thousands of people would be eligible for a £76 weekly pay boost.

Eligible recipients receive a weekly payment directly into their bank account, equivalent to an income boost of approximately £330. This payment is also referred to as Carer’s Allowance. We are aware that applying for benefits might be a complicated process. This information regarding who is eligible to receive the benefit and how to do so has been compiled for that reason.

Hence for all the essential details on 35 Hours Rule in UK to get £330 please follow this article.

What is the 35 Hours Rule in the UK?

The benefit is given by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to assist those who look after others. If you are eligible, Carer’s Allowance will increase your monthly income by around £330. The £75.76 payment is made every week and is deposited straight into your bank account.

35 Hours Rule in UK to get £330:

The benefit will be available to you if you give someone else at least 35 hours of care every week. Benefits such as PIP, Disability Living Allowance, Armed Forces Independence Payment, or any other government program are being received by that person. You may opt to receive payment every four weeks or in advance each week.

The 35 hours of care each week, according to the DWP, can involve helping with cooking and laundry, accompanying the person you are caring for to doctor or hospital visits, and assisting with domestic chores like paying bills or grocery shopping.

35 Hours Rule in the UK Overview

Article Title 35 Hours Rule in UK
Country UK
Provided By DWP
Other Name Carer’s Allowance
Amount £330/month
Eligible Age 16 or above
Payment Mode In the account directly
Payment Type Weekly Payment
Further Details Gov.UK

35 Hours Rule in UK Eligibility

You can be qualified for additional funding from DWP if you provide at least 35 hours per week of care for someone who is ill or disabled. If any of the following conditions are met, you will often be eligible for a 35 Hours Rule benefit payment.

  • you spend at least 35 hours a week providing care for a disabled person;
  • you are 16 years of age or older; and you do not attend school full-time.
  • You don’t make more than £139 per week from job or self-employment, after deductions for income tax, and
  • the person you care for receives a disability payment from the government.

Advantage of the 35-Hour Rule,t he individual you care for’s allowance won’t increase or decrease the amount of certain disability benefits they get. Carer’s Allowance is normally not available to applicants who are currently receiving state pension benefits or income replacement programs such as contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance.

How to Claim 35 Hours Rule in UK Benefits

Check the official UK government website to see if you qualify for 35 Hours Rule benefits before applying. It is also required that you notify the person you are caring for or their legal representative that you are seeking for 35 Hours Rule allowance prior to filing for the benefit.

Applications can be submitted by mail or online at GOV.UK. The filled form includes an address where it should be sent. It is not possible to submit a claim over the phone. However, you can get assistance from the Carer’s Allowance Unit if you need it.

Complete the Carer’s Allowance (CR1) (pdf) application form in order to apply. This form (CR1) is available from your neighborhood Citizens Information Center, Social Welfare Branch Office, or Intreo Center. The final element of the Part 10 Carer’s Allowance application form is a Care Report. It includes a medical report that needs to be signed by the patient’s doctor and you, the caregiver.

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