30 Trendy Mohawk Fade Haircuts for Men in 2023

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your style, a men’s mohawk fade is a bold haircut choice worthy of your attention. This edgy cut features a strip of hair extending from the top to the nape area accentuated by shaved sides. You can have a low, mid, high or even a burst fade for added uniqueness.

To choose the right hairstyle from a diversity of options, we’ve gathered the 30 best mohawk fade haircuts. Get some inspiration and save the images you can use to communicate your desired look to your barber or stylist.

1. Short Mohawk High Fade

Alvaro Carpes from Carpes Barbearia offers a modern take on the classic mohawk hairstyle by incorporating shaved sides and gradually decreasing hair length and thickness on both sides. Crave this short mohawk fade to enhance your dark, dense hair and draw more attention to your appearance.

2. Curly Hair Mohawk Fade

You can experiment with your hair length and fade shape to come up with a hip, cool look that will complement your style. For example, pairing your curly mohawk with a low to mid fade can enhance the overall appearance and make your hair appear fuller.

3. Messy Mohawk and Skin Fade

If you have thick, wavy hair with a long top section, creating a messy hairstyle can be a great option. To style your hair this way, scrunch and finger-comb your hair upwards to create texture and a disheveled appearance.

4. Drop Fade for Thick Hair

This hairstyle offers a stylish and contemporary look that is both edgy and refined. The skin fade adds a bold and sharp element to the haircut, creating a striking contrast between the shaved sides and the longer hair on top. Consider it an excellent alternative to a classic bowl cut.

5. Feathered Faded Mohawk with Design

Jorge Fades showcased how a cool wavy mohawk can enhance your natural hair texture. To boost the attractiveness of this haircut, incorporating a high fade with a design is a great option. The high fade keeps the sides of your hair shorter, allowing the curls to be more prominent on the top.

6. Taper Mohawk Fade Haircut

“The reason why I like this haircut is because it is readable by different communities in the hair industry,” says Kamal Safar from Z A Y N. K S A L O N, the creator of this trendy look. A combination of a curly mohawk with a temple fade brings texture and movement to your hair, making this haircut super trendy.

7. Highlighted Mohawk with Shaved Lines

If you’re aiming for a bold and attention-grabbing style, a skin fade mohawk is an excellent choice. This haircut allows you to embrace a punk-inspired look and gives you a space for experiments. For instance, you can add some highlights or side designs to personalize your hairstyle.

8. Faded Mohawk Haircut with Bangs

A mohawk with a mid fade is a stylish and modern variation of the classic mohawk hairstyle. This particular style by Barber Ryder from 999K Original offers a balance between a bold and edgy look while maintaining a touch of sophistication.

9. Cool Textured Mullet Mohawk

The mullet mohawk is a universal head-turner that exudes confidence and modernity. With this hairstyle, you can express your individuality and style while maintaining a level of sophistication and versatility that suits various settings and occasions.

10. Mullet Mohawk Fade with Color Accent

The height of the skin fade is a crucial factor in determining the overall impact of your look. Thus, if you’re opting for a higher skin fade, get ready that this will add a striking and edgy touch to your appearance, especially if paired with a mullet mohawk or “mullhawk,” as they call it at Yannick & Gabby.

11. Traditional Mohawk Fade

Although mohawk fades are mostly recommended for square-shaped faces, they can be a good option for men with oval face shapes as well. All you need is to choose the right inspiration for your haircut. For example, this flat-top mohawk with tidy edges will definitely complement your oval face.

12. Drop Skin Fade with Micro Bangs

The best thing about this mohawk with a drop fade is that it allows you to embrace the punk-rock aesthetic without the exaggerated height of a traditional mohawk. Start by visiting a skilled barber who can create a drop fade for you, and enjoy your new, striking style straight away!

13. Stylish Taper Fade with Design

The taper fade mohawk is a great choice for those seeking a sharp and ultra-modern look that turns heads wherever you go. If you are looking for a way to emphasize your rebellious spirit, a daring and edgy hairstyle, like the one created by Brady Adam from SIR Los Angeles, is what you need!

14. Kinky Mohawk with Shaved Stripe

Want to emphasize the boldness and structure of your mohawk? Give it a more precise appearance with a line up, which creates a clean and defined boundary between the kinky top of your hair and the shaved sides, just like Lyndell Nelson did it.

15. Mid Burst Fade Haircut

The mid-fade mohawk strikes a perfect balance between versatility and individuality, making it a great choice for those who want to showcase their personal style while also adhering to professional requirements. If you wish to recreate this haircut by Christian from Knox’s Barbershop, ask your stylist for the “mid burst fade with arches” or “textured mohawk on top and V shape on the back neck.”

16. Mohawk Burst Fade with Line Up

With the burst fade, you can achieve a seamless blend between the shorter sides and the longer hair on top while still maintaining the mohawk shape. To further enhance your mohawk fade, consider adding a sharp line up for that extra touch.

17. Long Blonde Spiky Mohawk

To make your mohawk fade hairstyle eye-catching and edgy, consider dyeing the top section blonde while keeping your natural hair color on the shaved sides. Depending on your personal preference and the level of boldness you want to achieve, you can style your strands with a styling product to achieve this spiky look, as experts from Film Barber Shop did, or go for something more traditional.

18. Razor Low Burst Fade Mohawk

The burst fade is a fresh and trendy variation of the traditional fade, particularly suited for men sporting a mohawk hairstyle and showcasing their thick locks. It curves down around the ear towards the back of the head, leaving the hair at the neck longer. You can pair this haircut with a beard, as Holly Brockman from Sinister Cuts did it, for a more masculine look.

19. Curly Wide Mohawk Fade

For those with natural curly hair, embracing your curls can add a unique twist to your mohawk hairstyle. Instead of using hair gel to style your hair, let your curls run wild for a more natural and distinctive take on the traditional punk style.

20. Flat Top Mohawk Fade

This skin fade mohawk made by stylists from Haar & Barbier is a bold and stylish hairstyle that combines shaved sides with a subtle mohawk tuft on the top. It showcases your confidence and individuality while adding an extra touch of uniqueness to your overall look. Perfect for men of all ages!

21. Mullet Mohawk for Wavy Hair

This faded mohawk is an excellent example of a haircut that can help you make a statement while putting the focus on the texture and volume of your curly hair. A mid to low fade creates a visually appealing contrast between the length and the shorter faded sides, drawing all attention to your messy curls on top.

22. Attractive Choppy Mohawk

In addition to a modern and stylish look, this “croppy, choppy mohawk” by Saksikäsi Sami from Por Vida Barbering offers versatility in your everyday grooming routine. For example, you can rock a bold and edgy mohawk on the weekends, showcasing your personal style and creativity. Then, easily style the hair on top into a more traditional look for more formal or professional settings.

23. Bold Punk Mohawk Haircut

This punk-inspired fanned Mohawk hairstyle by Alec Richardson from Philip Johnson Salon/Spa can be well-suited for younger men in their early 20s who are looking for a carefree and edgy look. However, it can also be a great choice for older men who want to showcase their youthful spirit and embrace a more adventurous hairstyle.

24. Long Mohawk with Shaved Sides

By incorporating temple fade into your mohawk mullet, you can achieve a distinctive and edgy look that reflects your personal style and sets you apart from the crowd. We suggest this hairstyle by Yamal Badawi to be a perfect solution for men with thick hair, as it will allow a hairstylist to create this incredible fullness and volume.

25. Messy Mohawk Fade with Beard

In this particular hairstyle, the sides of the head are shaved at a higher level, resulting in a deeper contrast with the longer strands on top. Additionally, you may add more boldness to your look with facial hair. Ask your stylist for a beard style that will accentuate your appearance and suit your face shape.

26. High Taper Fade for Kinky Hair

The mohawk fade has become increasingly popular among black men, offering a bold and daring hairstyle option. If you have afro hair, this look is particularly well-suited for you. The natural thickness and texture of your locks make it easier to achieve and maintain the mohawk style, requiring minimal styling product.

27. Temple Fade for Curly Hair

Embracing your natural curls in a mohawk style with a fade allows you to showcase your hair’s unique texture and create a stylish and effortless look. It’s a great choice for those who want to make a statement while highlighting their natural hair characteristics.

28. Neat and Classic Mohawk Fade

If you’re ready to unleash your rebellious nature, a straight hair mohawk fade is an excellent choice that allows you to showcase your individuality. Achieving height and volume on soft straight locks is more difficult, so you’d better keep the length on top rather short.

29. Edgy Wide Mohawk Style

This spiky mohawk fade made by Wesley De Paula creates a striking contrast between the long hair on top and the shaved sides, drawing attention to the central section of the hair. This creates a clean and sharp look, accentuating the mohawk tuft on the top.

30. Cool Textured Burst Fade

The burst fade paired with a mohawk creates a unique and statement-making style that extends from the forehead to the nape of the neck. The contrasting lengths and textures give this Ozark Chop Shop hairstyle a dynamic and visually appealing look.

Mohawk fades offer a contemporary and fashionable aesthetic that can truly make a statement. From subtle and sleek variations to bold and edgy designs, you can find a mohawk fade style that suits your personal taste and adds a modern flair to your overall look.

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