30 Braids with Curls that Are Immediate Stunners

The fact that you opt for the convenience of packing your coily hair into protective box braids or cornrows doesn’t mean you have to refuse from a curly hairstyle. Braids and curls can combine so well that you might find it hard to stop once you try.

Curls can add femininity and individuality to your braided hair look, so if you’re looking for these, stay with us. In this article, we’ve gathered the juiciest hairstyles combining braids and curls to give you some inspiration for your next makeover.

1. Braids & Curls on Long Bob

This stunning look features box braids with curly ends combined with occasional curly strands. Kiss curls are a killer addition that seals the deal by injecting some drama into this long braided bob. So, if you’re craving a new twist to your usual mid-length box braids, look no further!

2. Long Knotless Braids with Curls

If you feel like embracing the boho style, consider long box braids with curls, keeping the latter more abundant. Such a hairstyle looks gorgeous on brown or caramel blonde hair, beautifully accentuating darker skin tones.

3. Goddess Braids, Curls & High Bun

Ladies searching for a bold way to rock their long natural hair should definitely try this hairstyle. While goddess braids gathered into a half-up high bun are already a statement, stray curls spice up this look, making it way more interesting.

4. Ombre Braids with Curly Ends

Turning heads has never been so easy with the amazing opportunities we have today. From hair extensions to the impressive variety of coloring techniques, it’s possible to create thousands of unique looks. Eye-catching ombre braids with curly ends are just one of the examples worth trying out. Steal this look by Fancy Claws, a South-African luxury spa salon, and go conquer the world!

5. Patterned Crown

Without any doubt, cornrows are the best way to tame unruly natural hair. If you adore your cornrows but want a little change, here’s a great idea. Ask your hair stylist for a patterned crown and loose curls starting a bit below the chin level. You’ll get a totally different look without compromising the low maintenance you must love your cornrows for!

6. Half Braided Hairstyle

With this beautiful hairstyle, you’ll indeed have all eyes on you! It combines tight cornrows on top with luscious curls thriving beneath the ear level. Statement kiss curls add a distinct diva vibe, making this hairstyle perfect for any special occasion.

7. Cornrows & Tight Curls

If you have a tight curl pattern and don’t mind showcasing your curls but feel like bringing the volume a bit down, consider this hairstyle. It will let you demonstrate your gorgeous curls while creating a beautiful view in the front with the help of cornrows. We also love how they help open the face and accentuate facial features.

8. Thin Knotless Braids with Curls

Thin long braids with loose curls deliver a clear Hollywood vibe, making this hairstyle an excellent choice for glamorous girls. Of course, this is the color that makes all the difference. When choosing a hue from the blonde palette, make sure it matches your skin tone.

9. Braids, Curls & High Ponytail

Jumbo braids are a terrific alternative to regular box braids. Moreover, they combine with curls exceptionally well. You can wear your jumbo box braids loose, experiment with the parting, or gather them into a high ponytail, like in this pic.

10. Burgundy Red Locs with Curls

Locs have never been out of vogue among black women, but how about combining them with romantic curls? Gorgeous, isn’t it? You can even go further and juice up the whole thing with a vivid color, such as this classy burgundy red.

11. Curly Bob with Cornrows

Curly bobs have won millions of hearts for looking cute and being relatively easy to style. To give your bob a totally fresh twist, try adorning it with a couple of cornrows going just to the middle of your head. This way, you’ll get an original hairstyle perfect for hot summer days.

12. Goddess Braids with Waves

Long braids look beautiful and eye-catching, but what about combining long goddess braids with defined waves? The whole thing looks fantastic on jet-black hair, delivering a goddess vibe you might be craving.

13. Box Braids with Caramel Extensions

Many women choose to enhance their box braids hairstyles with extensions, and they couldn’t be more right. Extensions help to achieve the desired length or add new colors or texture to your hair. The caramel hue you can see in the photo perfectly complements natural hair.

14. Chocolate Brown Braids with Curls

Braids with curls are a trendy option that won’t leave you unnoticed. In addition, box braids coupled with curls are more versatile than you might think. A high ponytail is one of the most popular braided hairstyles worth trying. If you want a celebrity look, leave braided tendrils to frame your face.

15. Half Cornrows, Half Curls

This hairstyle easily copes with a challenging task – it lets natural curls go wild while neatly keeping them off the face. Use cuffs or other accessories to add a glamorous touch and feel like an exotic princess.

16. Intricate Braiding

If you don’t mind rocking a full head of curly hair throughout the hottest summer months but want to spice it up with interesting detail, here’s an idea. This eye-catching curly hairstyle for black women features a couple of box braids framing the face, which start as cornrows arranged in a whimsical pattern.

17. Jet Black Braids with Curls

At Spritz, the studio where this gorgeous hairstyle was created, they believe that cornrows always stay winning, and we can’t agree more. While cornrows are one of the most popular protective styles, glamorous curls make them look way hotter.

18. Super Long Braids with Curls

If you prefer to wear very long braids and don’t mind extensions, you might love this hairstyle. It combines trendy jumbo braids with long curly strands, creating an absolutely cute look.

19. Pick and Drop Braids

These perfect pick-and-drop braids are a really attention-grabbing choice. This technique involves attaching synthetic braids to the roots and braiding them for just a few centimeters.

20. Luscious Curls

While you can choose to showcase your bouncy and shiny natural curls at their fullest, a couple of box braids at one side will make your hair appear much more interesting. If you like hair accessories, go for a few minimalist cuffs for an ultimately stylish look.

21. High Ponytail Braids into Curls

The high braided ponytail is a truly universal option. Whether for a special occasion or a gym workout, this hairdo is equally appropriate. Speaking of this very style, curls play a significant part here, making the entire look more feminine and romantic.

22. Medium Length Braids with Curls

If you’re searching for an elegant, office-appropriate braided look, this is it! Medium length, classy brown color, and occasional spirals make this box braids shine through without looking too bold. Moreover, you can easily transform your hair by experimenting with parting or adding accessories.

23. Bohemian Box Braids

For a rock diva vibe, ask your stylist for long, L-sized braids adorned with full-length bouncy spirals. Such a length allows you to be more creative with your mane – you can gather your braids in a high or low ponytail or make an updo for a sleeker look.

24. Box Braid Hairstyle with Deep Side Parting

This absolute perfection, created by Shayla Gunn, a Texas-based stylist, is one of the cutest ways to wear box braids with curls. It helps showcase the girl’s fantastic curl pattern while keeping the excessive volume down with the help of a few box braids on top.

25. Long Knotless Braids with Curls

We can’t take our eyes off this elegant knotless braids hairstyle. This trendy combo of patterned cornrows, long box braids, deep black color, and silky curls can be an excellent option for women looking to inject femininity and style into their appearance.

26. Jumbo Braid Hairstyle

If making a statement is your thing, consider extra large braids with curls. Besides looking bold and eye-catching, big braids are quick to install, so take note of this bonus when deciding which braid size to choose next time.

27. Caramel Brown Braids with Curls

This awe-inspiring celebrity look is really worth copying. Beautifully patterned cornrows and luscious curls in a rich caramel hue are a winning combination if you prefer turning heads wherever you go.

28. French Curl Braids

If you’re in search of a chic but low-maintenance look for the hot season, super long braids with French curls have you covered. You can also opt for an intricate cornrow pattern and experiment with the color of extensions to spice the whole thing up.

29. Curly Ponytail with Cornrows

This awesome hairstyle is all about elegance and simplicity. In addition, it’s one of those universal choices you’ll feel okay with both at a party and a gym. The sleek top and voluminous curly bun create the right contrast to beautifully accentuate facial features.

30. Tribal Braids

You can end up with a daring look when combining braids with curls. For example, you can go for this curly bun with braids and an intricate cornrow pattern, sure to make you feel like an exotic princess.

With an impressive variety of braids with curls hairstyles, it’s easy to create an ultimately stylish look. Box braids are a great option when it comes to protective hairstyles, and, moreover, they are incredibly versatile, allowing you to complement a wide range of styles, from chic and sophisticated to bold and rebellious. We hope you love our compilation of braids with curls ideas.

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