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30 Badass Viking Beard Styles (2022)

Your facial hair can say a lot about you, and if you are someone who wants to stand out from the crowd, what is a better way to do this than with a Viking-inspired beard? The Vikings are known for their fearlessness and ruthlessness, but these formidable warriors have also inspired beards and hairstyles. Their beards were thick and full and a symbol of strength and masculinity. The look is versatile and can be adapted to your preference, including the desired shape and length. Whether you want an impeccably groomed beard or something a little bigger and bolder, there is an option to suit everyone, creating a ruggedly handsome appearance. Learn how to grow and style a Viking beard and transform your facial hair with one of these effortlessly cool looks.

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1. Norse Viking Beard

The Vikings existed during the late 8 to 11th centuries and are known for being fierce and formidable warriors. They originated from Scandinavia, although they settled throughout Europe. For this reason, the bearded style may be referred to as a Norse Viking beard. A Viking beard is associated with strength and masculinity and is ideal for a man who wants a full, thick, and effortlessly cool beard. This is the perfect beard for a man who wants to make a statement and can be worn at various lengths and thicknesses. This facial hair also has a practical purpose, keeping the face warm during colder climates.

2. Goatee Viking Beard

Viking beards are thick and full and can be seen as a symbol of strength. The bearded styles can vary in length and look great with or without accessories like beard beads. You can also experiment with different styles, for example, combining a goatee with a Viking beard. The goatee is one of the most popular beard styles, celebrated for its versatility. You can opt for a modern approach or stick to the classic goatee, which covers the chin and connects to the mustache. There is no facial hair on the cheeks.

3. Viking Long Beard

Long beards demand attention and are ideal for someone who wants to make a statement with their facial hair. The appeal of a long Viking beard is that there are various ways to wear it, including trying multiple braided styles and experimenting with accessories like beads and cuffs. A long beard is time-consuming to grow and high-maintenance, but it is also a fantastic way to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. Your beard can also add a layer of protection, keeping the face warm during the winter or if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

4. Viking Beard Bead

Perhaps the most appealing thing about the Viking beard is how easily it can be adapted to suit your preference. It is also one of the most expressive styles as it can be accessorized with beard beads. These beads are a stylish addition to your beard and can be added in different ways, including at the end of a braid. The important thing to remember when trying out beard beads is that you need enough length and thickness to thread the bead through and ensure it stays in place. Norsemen are believed to have worn beard beads, and facial hair with beads will let you create an effortlessly cool and intimidating appearance. The beads can also be meaningful, decorated with different runes or symbolic symbols.

5. Viking Beard with Two Side Braids

There are several ways to style your Viking beard, including adding two small side braids on either side. This look is fun and expressive and can be braided in the most appealing pattern, from simple styles to more intricate braids. What you choose depends on your skill level and beard thickness and length. You can also add hair elastics to the end of the braid or make use of accessories like beard beads, which have patterns or symbols on them.

6. Full Viking Beard

Full beards are incredibly attractive and recognized for their fullness. This is one of the defining features of a Viking beard, as they are not patchy or uneven. A full beard looks healthy and thick and follows the hairline’s natural growth, avoiding contouring or excessive grooming. You will need to grow your beard for several months before it reaches the desired fullness; you need a lot of patience. However, the result is impressive and often associated with masculinity and strength. You can trim the beard to suit your desired length.

7. Short Viking Beard

The Viking warriors inspired a Viking beard. Although there are many variations of the look, it is usually defined as being thick and full, giving you a ruggedly handsome appearance. The appeal of this beard is that it can be adapted to suit your preference, including different lengths. While the long and big beards are designed to make a statement, opting for a shorter length can be just as stylish but less maintenance and easy to wear for every day. This short beard is incredibly versatile, giving you full facial hair but keeping the hair shorter on the cheeks and chin. The result is a neater look that can be worn for various occasions.

8. Braided Viking Beard

Viking beards are often braided, which is both decorative and practical. A braided beard can be much easier to manage and lower maintenance, keeping it in place, especially when your facial hair is longer. They also look cool. When deciding on a braid, there are several to choose from, depending on your preference and how thick and long your facial hair is. You can try out a bubble braid, adding beard jewels at varying intervals throughout the length of the ponytail. Or you can add a braid on either side of the face. You can also experiment with the size of your braids, combining small and large ones for a striking finish, or keep it simple with a single plait. The great thing about the Viking braid is it is expressive and adaptable.

9. Viking Beard with Beads

Viking bearded styles vary, with different lengths and shapes to choose from. They can appear slightly unkempt or perfectly groomed, but the one thing that is the same is the fullness; the beards are defined by their thickness. The Viking beard is healthy-looking and a celebration of masculinity. It is also a style that lends itself well to personalization, including trying out beaded looks. Viking beads are symbolic as each design is different and can be a symbol or rune. There are also several ways to add the beads depending on the length of your beard and your chosen style. This includes two side braids, multiple small braids throughout the beard, or a pulling all the hair into a single braid in the center.

10. Ragnar Viking Beard

Rangar Lothbrook is one of the most notable characters from the Viking series and has been the inspiration for many hairstyles and beard looks. The real Rangar is believed to have been a 9th-century Danish Viking king and warrior celebrated for his successful raids and battles. He is also the father of formidable warriors and leaders. If you are taking inspiration from Ragnar’s beard, it may be helpful to bring a photo to your barber so that he can help you replicate the look. It is defined by its fullness, sideburns, and neat mustache. It will take around four months to achieve the fullness of this beard, so be patient. The right hairstyle is also essential, and an undercut with a top knot will complement the fullness of the beard and create stylish contrast.

11. Modern Viking Beard

The original Viking beard is believed to have been well-groomed. The facial hair could vary in length but was often thick and full; this is not a style to try if you have patchy hair growth. The modern approach to the Viking beard could see you wearing a shorter and neater beard, making less of a statement while retaining that effortlessly cool and ruggedly handsome appearance. This could be a look that lends itself well to all occasions, including the office. To complement your facial hair, you need the right hairstyle, and wearing it brushed back is a perfect choice. This look is achieved by brushing the hair backward, away from the hairline, creating volume while giving you a neat and polished appearance. The hairstyle will complement the fullness of your beard.

12. Viking Beard with Bubble Ponytail

A bubble ponytail is an 80s favorite, but it also looks great when added to your beard. You pull the beard into a ponytail and add elastics, or beard beads, to its length. It’s an excellent way to take your beard to the next level and is fun and expressive. It is also a perfect way to keep the beard in place and is practical for when you sleep.

13. Viking Beard with Mustache

Viking beards look great when paired with a mustache, but you can experiment with different thicknesses depending on your preference and face shape. Most Viking beards are well-groomed and are defined by their thickness and fullness; your mustache can complement this. Or it could be slightly less full to shift the focus to your beard. Experiment with different lengths and braided styles to make your look reflect your personality.

14. Viking Beard with Red Hair

Red hair is a bold and bright color that demands attention. If you are a natural redhead, and your beard is also a red or orange hue, you need to do very little to draw attention to your facial hair. If you want an effortlessly cool and ruggedly handsome look, try the Viking beard. This thick, full-bearded style lends itself well to personalization, including experimenting with different shapes, lengths, and beard accessories. Wear your hair short to shift the focus to your beard, or pair it with longer hair to create a more balanced and less distracting finish. Whatever option you choose, let your look be expressive and reflect your style and personality.

15. Simple Plaited Viking Beard

The Viking beard is often styled with braids, which can be intricate, detailed, or simple. What you choose depends on your preference, skill level, and the thickness and length of your braid, but sometimes the simplest looks are the most effective. Styling your beard into a simple, loose plait can be a great way to draw attention to it. It is also a fantastic way to tame your beard or secure it in place when working out. The basic braid is achieved by separating the beard into three hair strands of equal thickness. Start by crossing the right section over the middle. Then the left section over the middle. Continue by alternating between right and left.

16. Bushy Viking Beard

Bushy beards are great for making a statement because they are big, thick, and full. The look can also be incredibly flattering, especially for men who want to draw attention away from their chin or to create the illusion of a stronger jawline. The beard will take several months to grow, so you need to be patient, but it is not as high maintenance as some of the other bearded styles, which require more structure. It’s an excellent choice for those wanting a more mature-looking beard.

17. Viking Beard with Long Mustache

A long mustache is a great way to draw attention to your lips, and the exaggerated length will make a statement. This is a look for those who want to stand out from the crowd and have a lot of confidence. Mustaches also have a health benefit, acting as a filter for dust, pollen, and other allergens. While there are many pros to such a striking beard and mustache combination, the one obvious downside is that a lot of grooming is involved. This look is time-consuming and expensive to maintain.

18. Curly Viking Beard

An alternative to beard braid is to add twists, creating an interesting texture and curled appearance. The twists can be secured with styling products like beard balm or wax and are great on medium-length or long beards. You can add small twists throughout for a softer finish or focus on one twist that ends in a point. This is a great way to experiment with your look without requiring the effort and skill it takes to braid the hair and is also better for thin or finer beard hair.

19. Viking Beard with Undercut

The right hairstyle is essential for achieving an effortlessly cool, masculine, Viking-inspired appearance. The undercut is one of the most popular styles to pair with a Viking beard, and it will create a fantastic contrast between the thickness of your beard and the shaved head. The undercut is achieved by cutting the back and sides of the hair short, or shaving them completely, and leaving the hair on top longer. The result is a haircut that is expressive and edgy. The hair on the top also appears thicker and fuller and can be styled in various ways, including a top knot or a man bun.

20. Grey Hair Viking Beard

Viking beards suit men of all ages and can be styled to give you a youthful or mature appearance. Grey hair looks great when styled with a big, thick beard, and the color will highlight your facial hair even more. If your hair is dry and brittle, you may want to keep your beard at a short or medium length so that it looks its best. Also, use beard balm and beard oil to keep it nourished, and regularly use a beard comb to spread the natural oils throughout your beard.

21. Viking Beard with Sideburns

Sideburns are often one of the defining features of a Viking beard. The Viking beard can vary in length and shape but is often attached to a mustache, with no space between, and has high sideburns. It is usually thick and full, making the beard appear rugged and masculine and complementing your features. The style is incredibly expressive, letting you experiment with finishes, including braided styles or accessories like beads. It also looks great with different hairstyles, including an undercut, a buzz cut, or a bald head. All these styles will create an interesting contrast with the fullness of your facial hair.

22. Neat Viking Beard

The Viking beard is often associated with being long, thick, and ruggedly handsome, but you can also style it so that it is impeccably groomed, creating a neat and polished appearance. All lengths and styles can look neat, but clipping the hair closer to the face makes this easier to achieve and is less maintenance. You want to trim your mustache to complement the beard and ensure they are connected. Finding a hairstyle that matches your facial hair is also a good idea; a medium-length tousled haircut can soften the appearance and create a sexy finish.

23. Viking Beard for Oval Face

The oval face is one of the most versatile face shapes and will be complemented by a Viking beard. The fullness and thickness of this beard will give you a ruggedly handsome appearance and complement your features. You can experiment with the length of your beard and how you wish to accessorize or shape it to reflect your preference. An option could be a bubble ponytail on a very long beard, which will make it more manageable and create an interesting appearance. Or you could keep it short for a neater and less daring approach that is just as stylish.

24. Viking Beard and Ducktail

The ducktail beard is a popular bearded style for men. It resembles a duck’s tail with its pointed appearance, hence the name, and is worn at two to four inches long. The Viking beard is full, thick, and masculine but comes in many shapes and lengths. Taking this inspiration and combining it with a ducktail style is a great way to give your look a modern finish. The ducktail is easy to wear and flattering on most face shapes; it is also great for men of all ages. It does take some grooming time and maintenance to maintain the shape, but the result is worth the effort.

25. Viking Beard for Round Face

If you have a round face shape, you will want to create a braided style that elongates the face, which can also have a slimming effect. The best option for a round face is a thick, full beard, like the Viking beard. You also want to match it with a full mustache for the best results. The style will give your face definition. The great thing about Viking beards is that they can be adapted to suit your preference, including the length.

26. Viking Beard with Long Hair

Thick and long beards have been seen as a symbol of strength and masculinity. Long hair for men is also incredibly stylish and versatile and looks great when paired with a beard. Long hair and a short beard will create a contrast that can be very flattering. Or, you can pair your hair with a long beard for a carefree and laid-back aesthetic that is equally as appealing. The key is to keep the beard groomed and well-trimmed so that you look more like a Viking and less like a wildling; avoid a disheveled appearance and instead achieve balance.

27. Viking Beard with Square Face

If you have a square face, you are in luck, as this is one of the most versatile shapes when it comes to bearded styles. It gives you a lot of freedom with how you style your beard; it can be pointed at the chin like a goatee and paired with a thin mustache, or it could be a thick and full beard that is long and luscious. Work with your barber to find a Viking-inspired look that reflects your preference.

28. Hipster Viking Beard

The original Viking beard has been adapted to suit all face shapes and can vary in length and shape. The defining feature is its thickness and fullness, but you can modernize it to suit your preference. For a hipster inspiration, you can pair your Viking braid with a cool hairstyle like the man bun. When paired with a large beard, the combination of a sleek man bun is particularly flattering and is a fantastic look for men of all ages. The man bun is also appealing as it will highlight your features by keeping the hair away from your face and off your neck. This can also draw attention to your beard.

29. Fierce Viking Beard

The Vikings were formidable warriors known for their fearlessness on the battlefield. Their appearance was also intimidating, with body art, interesting hairstyles, and beards. Consider an impressive Viking-inspired beard combined with an edgy hairstyle to create a fierce look that is effortlessly cool and tells the world you are not someone to be messed with. Undercuts with top knots are a great choice, especially when paired with a thick, full beard. You can add braids to the beard to personalize it and create a more intimidating finish.

30. Celtic Viking Beard

The Celts were Indo-European people, but there were many influences from the Vikings because these warriors and plunders invaded their lands and later built permanent strongholds. A Celtic beard is believed to have been full and long and was seen as a symbol of strength and masculinity. It was often paired with long hair. There were also subtle differences between men from wealthy families and commoners. For a look that shows your Celtic inspiration, you should wear your hair the way these warriors would. The long hair and braids create a statement finish when paired with a long beard. Alternatively, you can create a contrast with a bald or shaved head.

How To Grow A Viking-style Beard

A Viking beard is defined by its thickness and fullness. The shape and length can vary and be adapted to suit your preference and complement your face shape. It can take several months to grow, so you will need to be patient and avoid cutting and trimming. This is not a look that suits those with patchy hair growth or thin or brittle hair. Extra care must be taken to ensure it looks its best at all times; this is achieved with proper hydration, added to the beard and from within. You want to ensure you eat and drink well and have a healthy lifestyle. You can use beard oil and other nourishing products to keep the beard looking its best.

How To Style A Viking Beard

When styling your Viking beard, there are several things to consider, including the thickness and length of your beard. Some men want to opt for a ducktail-inspired shape, keeping their beard at a slight point. Others want to style it with braids and beads. Before styling your look, you need to consider your face shape and work with your barber to find a look that complements your features and lets you express yourself. Regardless of the shape and length you choose, you need to regularly brush your beard with a beard comb to remove knots and tangles. This will also help achieve smoothness and evenly distribute the natural oils through the hairs.

Viking Beard Styles FAQs

How do I get a Viking beard?

A Viking beard can be created in varying lengths and shapes and lends itself well to accessories. The key feature of this beard is its fullness and thickness, and it is often a symbol of strength and masculinity. This style does not work with patchy hair growth or thin and fine hairs. It is a style that looks healthy and demands attention but can be adapted to suit your preference. You can try out different braided styles, including a simple plait or a three-prong approach, and add hair elastics, cuffs, or beads throughout the beard.

Are Viking beards cool?

Viking beards are cool and expressive. It is a style that is bold and ruggedly handsome because of the thickness and fullness of the beard. They are also versatile, can complement men of all ages, and can be adapted to suit multiple face shapes and hairstyles. For a Viking appearance, you can try adding braids or beads to the hair and pairing it with an edgy hairstyle like an undercut or long, disheveled hair.


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