3 Exciting Canadian Fashion Launches On Our Radar Right Now

Photography by Ryan Goldsmith

New offerings from Kotn, Comrags and Smythe are adding to our wardrobe this fall.

In a limited edition line of blanket-wraps, from Cotton’s first knitwear offering to comarts, there is an edited version of the wardrobe essential by Smyth, here’s all new launches from Canadian brands to add to our wardrobe are keen.

Comrags has released an array of wearable blankets

Toronto-based brand Comrags has introduced the concept of ‘social blanketing’ with a capsule of Lux, a kind of blanket-wrap. To layer over sweaters or coats, pieces of deprecated patchwork — which feature adjustable drawstring necklines, exaggerated armholes, and front pouch pockets to keep the arm in place — add an extra layer of warmth to the previous collection. With comfortable ingredients leftover. To extend outdoor ceremonies in this season. As with all Komarag pieces, blankets are in limited supply, with only eight made available for initial release; Re-orders are also being taken.

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Photography by Ryan Goldsmith

The wardrobe available from Smythe is a new edit of essentials

Ranging from a chunky night turtleneck to suiting staples, they should be in wardrobe classics along the Smyth House line for Canadian design duo Smythe Zeroes. “Like many of us, we’ve spent a lot of time reevaluating those matters of life that ask what elements bring happiness and clean up those that don’t” co-founder Andrea Lenzner And Christy Smithe said in a press release pieces that range from sequential basics to a weird graphic sweater that says ‘meh’. “When it comes to wardrobes, the idea is transformed into multi-use pieces that retain a strong luxury and design element, even they fit into everyday life.” 18 items are now available, with a short holiday in mid-November.

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Smythe’s photography courtesy

Coton is now making knitwear

Inspired by Wabi-Sabi’s Japanese philosophy – the art of appreciating beauty in a natural, imperfect world – Canadian brand Cotten wants to grow its winter wardrobe from 100% cotton with men, women and unisex sweater and cardigan styles offered. Ethically grown in Turkey. “At Coton, we believe that every item in your wardrobe — especially the ones you wear day in and day out — are equally deserving of the utmost care and consideration,” McKenzie Yeats, co-founder and chief brand officer , Said a statement about the launch. “With our new knitwear collection, we carry on our design pillars through beautiful 100% BCI-certified cotton sweaters with quality, elegance and ethics; Providing breath, comfort and warmth for the cold winter months. This is not only enough to take care of the final product, but also about how it was found. “

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Photography courtesy of Cotten

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