3 cool weekend deals: $21 over-ear ANC headphones, $20 Qi phone mount, $18 hand warmer

3 cool weekend deals: $21 over-ear ANC headphones, $20 Qi phone mount, $18 hand warmer

If your 2021 plans include a healthy lifestyle, and I hope they do, there is a worthwhile addition to your toolkit: dr. Michael Gregor’s Top Rated How Not to Die is on sale for just $ 3 to burn. (Is for the Google Play Store the same price.) That is the lowest price on record for this version, which typically sells for $ 17.

Okay, let’s jump into today’s main deals! The first is another set of very-good-for-you headphones. Eager to listen What do you think.


Amazon seller: HooToo-America

cost: $ 21 on-page with $ 5-coupon and promo code CCSLC8AF.

For paraphrase ol ‘Henry Ford, you can have cheap headphones in any color, as long as it is black. Seriously, check out CNET’s list of the best noise-canceling headphones for under $ 100 and you’ll see that five out of six are black. The same goes for the $ 50 Waze headphones I wrote a few weeks ago.

So it’s easy to see why my look was drawn to these Boltune phones, a lovely blend of tan leather and silver and white. Oh, and the price: Vata? $ 21, including active noise cancellation? They can’t possibly be any good, can they?

I do not know; I have not tried them. I tested a super inexpensive set of Boltune earbuds a while back, and they were surprisingly good. Meanwhile, these headphones – which were originally sold for $ 90 – garnered a 4.5-star average rating from over 2,400 buyers.

Also of interest: Bolt supports these with a 24-month warranty. Cheap headphones are not always reliable, but at least you have two years to complete. Very impressive, at least on paper.


Amazon seller: Aukey

cost: $ 19.49 on-page with 35% off coupon

Ever since I’ve been to my soapbox, it’s been a while about using my phone while driving. You definitely shouldn’t, but if you need to, say, check out a map or pause your podcast, at least make sure your phone is close to eye level and not down on the seat.

In other words, mount it. Aukey’s air-vent mount automatically grabs your phone when you put it inside, while at the same time providing a phone that provides wireless Qi charging (which does not or does not interfere with it).

For charging, a standard USB port is required for the mount. For fast charging, you will need something more powerful, which some cars offer. Consider adding something like Aukey’s dual-port cigarette-lighter charger, currently priced at $ 14 (minus 10% -on-on coupon).


Amazon seller: Mengqikeji (shenzhen) you (no, my cat just didn’t move on my keyboard – it’s actually the seller’s name)

cost: $ 18 with promo code NWZ5SD9D (Works with pink or green)

If you often find yourself grabbing a mug of coffee to keep your hands warm, here is a product you may like. This is a rechargeable double-sided warmer that you can slide into the pocket or hold in between your palms.

A button toggles between three heat settings; According to Lifebee, the shortest can provide warm-up for up to eight hours.

What’s more, it can double as a mobile charger: its 5,200-mAh battery must be able to fully recharge any phone at least once. Not a bad twist, if you ask me.

First published earlier this week. It has been updated for the weekend.

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