Check out the details about CRA Payment Dates Feb 2024 When is it Coming for Me? from this article. Various details regarding CRA Payment Dates Feb 2024 When is it Coming for Me? and other crucial details are included in this article.

CRA Payment Dates 2024

CRA administers payments of various federal benefits in Canada. These benefits include Canada child benefit, GST/HST credit, Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan, ACWB, etc. Most of the payments regarding these benefits are made on fixed dates. However, CRA Payments can be delayed due to a number of unfavourable circumstances.

If someone has applied for federal benefits, including some provincial/territorial benefits, they will receive payment according to the payment schedule formulated by the CRA. However, the payment dates mentioned on the schedule are only for the direct deposit method. Hence, if someone receives payments through cheque, they will have to wait for some additional days to receive their CRA payment.

CRA Benefit Payment 2024

Name CRA Payment Dates
Administered by Canada Revenue Agency
Country Canada
Payments for Federal Benefits
OTB Payment Dates January 10, 2024
GST/HST Credit January 5
CCB Payment Dates January 20, 2024
OAS Payment Dates February 27
ACWB Payment Dates January 12
Veteran disability pension Dates February 29
CAIP payment dates January 13

CRA Payment Dates Feb 2024

Most of the benefit payments issued by the Canada Revenue Agency are issued on a monthly basis. Although these payments are delivered each month, their payment dates can be different from one another. According to CRA, the payments delivered via mail can be further delayed in some regions due to wildfires.

CRA Payment Dates

Therefore, citizens are suggested to opt for the Direct Deposit method by providing their bank account details. These details can also be updated via CRA My Account services. Moreover, the CRA My Account can also be used to manage the payments and check the updated CRA Payment Dates.

According to the Government of Canada, some monthly benefit payments are scheduled for January and Feb 2024. These payment dates can be checked by accessing the “Benefit payment dates” section of the Canadian Government’s website.

CRA Payment Dates Check 2024

Check the payment dates published by the CRA (for January – Feb 2024) –

  • Canada Pension Plan
    • These payments will include retirement pension, disability, children’s, and survivor benefits.
    • January Payment Dates: January 29
    • February Payment Dates: February 27
  • Old Age Security
    • January Payment Dates: January 29
    • February Payment Dates: February 27
    • These payments will include OAS Pension, Allowance, Guaranteed Income Supplement, and Allowance for the Survivor.
  • GST/HST Credit
    • January Payment Dates: January 5
    • It is a tax-free quarterly payment. (it requires filing taxes)
  • Canada child benefit
    • January Payment Dates: January 19
    • February Payment Dates: February 20
    • It is a tax-free monthly payment.
    • It aims to help with the cost of raising children under 18.
  • Ontario trillium benefit
    • January Payment Dates: January 10
    • February Payment Dates: February 9
    • These benefit payments will include OEPTC, NOEC, and OSTC.
    • Applicable to Ontario Province only.
  • Advanced Canada workers benefit
    • January Payment Dates: January 12
    • The first quarterly payment was issued on July 28.
    • The received amount depends on income and location, i.e., province/territory.
  • Alberta child and family benefit
    • February Payment Dates: February 27
  • Veteran disability pension
    • January Payment Dates: January 30
    • February Payment Dates: February 29
    • It is a tax-free payment to support the well-being of eligible citizens.
  • Climate action incentive payment
    • January Payment Dates: January 13
    • It includes a basic amount and rural supplement for Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

Further information on the benefits, maximum amount, payment dates, and other significant details can be learned by checking the website of the Canadian Government.

When is the CRA Payment Coming for Me?

The CRA Payment will be given to all beneficiaries. However, payment dates may vary by region and other relevant factors. Individuals can check whether the CRA payment is coming or not by logging into their CRA My Account.

CRA Payment Dates Delay

As we know, some of the regions of Canada are affected by Wildfires, making mail deliveries delayed. Those facing the mentioned situation who still haven’t received their payment cheques can contact the Canada Post for more information. Furthermore, there can also be a system issue that is affecting the CRA payment.

The CRA Payment sent via Direct Deposit should be received within 5-7 business days. If the beneficiary does not receive the payment within this time frame, they should contact the CRA.


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