2021 People’s Choice Awards: Most-Nominated Stars, TV Shows & Movies

the more the merrier!

The 2021 People’s Choice Awards are all about celebrating the best in movies, TV, music and pop culture, and this year, our favorite shows, musicians, movies and social figures help hook pop culture enthusiasts to a new degree of delectable entertainment .

Kali Mai Took us from our couch back to the movie theater, and the same can be said of his nomination for this year’s PCA. The action-packed superhero film is up for a total of six nominations, including both Movie of 2021 and Action Movie of 2021, as well as The Female Movie Star of 2021 and The Action Movie Star of 2021. Scarlett Johansson And Florence Pughe.

Plus, your favorite music stars like Doja Catohandjob lil nass x And Olivia Rodrigo He has more than five nominations under his belt for hitting us with songs throughout the year. However, it is Justin Biber Who has the most nominations with eight!

Every star did their best, but it’s the shows, movies and celebs that are taking home the most trophies this year.

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