2021 Ford F-150 reveal: Watch the unveiling video

2021 Ford F-150 reveal: Watch the unveiling video

Roadshow marked for readers and truck fans alike: Thursday 2021 Ford F-150 Big open day of full size pickup truck. We’ve got Full scoop on 2021 F-150, Including Cool new features And How does it stack up for competition. The changes may seem evolutionary at first glance, but the 2021 F-150 brings with it a number of major new features, including powerboost hybrid drivetrain options, over-the-air updates and onboard generators. The truck is also ready to accept a hands-free driving mode, and here is a lot of outline that will support the all-electric F-150 due in 2022.

There are several ways for the new F-Series to appear. We’ve included the trustworthy YouTube Livestream above, but you can debut on Facebook and Twitter, or else your style should be more.

Update: Ford Officially Veil lifted on 2021 F-150 5 in the evening. PT / 8 PM. E.T. on Thursday 25 June

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2021 Ford F-150 is a closet revolutionary


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