20 Ultimately French Haircuts and French Girl Hair Ideas

Ready to delve into the essence of classic French style and elevate your tresses with a touch of nonchalant French girl flair? From iconic bobs to tousled waves, discover the charm of perfectly imperfect hairstyles that’ll have you looking like their French counterparts wearing that enviable je ne sais quoi. Ooh la la!

1. Long Hair with Bangs

This style by haircutting specialist Brian Aguilar from Newport Beach, California, is the epitome of French chic! A French woman hates poker-straight hair or razor-sharp bangs. Instead, embrace soft, flowing locks with gracefully tousled bangs for that effortless style.

2. Long Tousled Bob

Looking for a French haircut that is a perfect balance between a classic bob and long locks? Opt for a long bob, gracefully resting at your shoulder level, as this one by Joah Mendes from Brazilian salon Rom.Concept.

3. French Bob

French by name and nature, this type of chic cropped bob is strongly associated with aspirational Parisian women. From the classic blunt cut to beach waves, with or without bangs, it offers a plethora of stylish variations.

4. Bixie

The bixie is a fabulous French-inspired haircut that celebrates natural hair texture. Adored by all French girls, it’s perfect for curly hair. Embrace the simplicity of this style with a styling cream to achieve that oh-so-French look!

5. Full Bangs

Going for a hairstyle with full bangs is another way to style hair the French way. This season, a wolf cut might be the most trendy way to pull off blunt bangs look. With shaggy layers and innate texture, the hairstyle also gives you some natural-looking volume.

6. Ear Length Bob

“A good hairstyle is one that captures the person’s vibe and energy,” believes Sal Salcedo, from Nova Arts Salon. And we couldn’t agree more! This ear-skimming bob adds a touch of chicness to all hair types and textures.

7. Medium Length Curls

Whether you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you can easily achieve this look by diffusing your hair – no need for a curling iron or excessive use of styling products! Embrace the simplicity and grace of mussed-up waves!

8. Chin Length Hair

Brent Basore, a talented stylist at Sagebrush Beauty Studios in Palm Desert, California, created this short distinctive style that can make your hair a statement all on its own. The best part is that it grows out into a trending bob cut too.

9. Shaggy Layers

Ever wondered what makes curtain bangs and shaggy layers so popular? “I gotta say it’s the fact it looks so good on all face shapes for me,” explains Dawn Atkinson-Stack, the stylist behind this sexy, naturally tousled style. The texture is key in French hairstyles, so go all out! Use a curling wand to achieve beachy wavy hair and load up on texture spray.

10. Natural Hair

It’s a beautiful sight to see so many French women embrace the magnificence of natural hair. Take inspiration from them and discover the beauty of your own coily and kinky locks.

11. Curtain Bangs

Looking for the ultimate French fringe inspiration? Curtain bangs paired with blonde hair embody chic elegance. Ditch overly dimensional highlights and opt for a darker shadow at the roots with blended color for that sophisticated French hair flair.

12. Curly Bob

If you are in search of fun and feminine French hairstyles, give a curly bob a try. If you have curly hair, you can customize various bob styles to suit your unique natural texture. Ethan King, the curly global educator, shaped their client’s cut perfectly to enhance the natural curls.

13. Low Maintenance Shag

“Loved making this super carved-out mid-length silhouette,” shares Kansas City-based stylist Jordan Avery. In creating this short shag, he artfully incorporates layers to lighten the weight, resulting in hair that gracefully falls into place with minimal fuss.

14. Undone Medium Length Hair

Undone styles are all about embracing relaxed, effortless looks. With a soft bend, this undone hair exudes a carefree charm that’s easy to achieve. LA-based hairstylist Hiro Ochi created a perfect go-to style for those who love a casually elegant look.

15. Long Pixie

The long pixie is one of the timeless French hairstyles, showcasing the beauty of short hair in an exquisite manner. “We styled it slick back,” explains a hairdresser from Melbourne Haircare Group, “but she can also wear it forward and style it for a more tousled look.”

16. Side Swept Curly Pixie

This side-swept curly pixie boasts a long fringe, making it a haircut you’ll adore in the realm of French hairstyles. With playful elegance, this look celebrates your natural curls, making it an effortless way to style your hair.

17. Shoulder Length Hair with Wispy Bangs

Not quite prepared for a dramatic chop? Shoulder-length hair is a marvelous choice for a touch of French allure. With bangs sitting at the brow line, this hairstyle is full of natural movement and volume, making it a chic addition to your repertoire of French hairstyles.

18. Beret Accessory

When the colder season rolls in, plop a beret on for a touch of French girls’ chic. This iconic accessory can magically transform your look, no shears attached.

19. Loose Side Braid

The side braid is one of the most versatile hairstyles with those French girl vibes, allowing you to explore countless styles with it. You don’t have to be a pro in braiding; to create a classic French hair look, you may create the braid with uneven strands and leave it a bit messy.

20. Simple Bun and Face Framing

French women adore the simple bun with face-framing tendrils. This easy yet elegant hairstyle adds a touch of chic to your collection of French hairstyles, and it’s perfectly ok to create one on the go.

As we bid adieu to this journey through French hairstyles, let’s remember that the key to achieving that coveted Parisian flair lies in embracing the perfectly imperfect. Take cues from what French women prefer, and you’ll effortlessly join the ranks of the chic clientele who wear their hair just the right way.

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