20 Gifts For the Canna-Curious (or Cannabis Lover) on Your List

Snow and illustration through istalk. Design by Daniel Campbell.

Pipes, rolling trays, vapes, infused tees – there is no shortage of ideas to give your pot-loving elses.

Now that legal cannabis is less of a novelty, there is no shortage of goods – from consumables to accessories – that you can gift. It is important to note that depending on how a person consumes, for example a food versus smoking, the amount of time it takes to feel the effect will vary. And terpenny can play a part in how cannabis interacts with the user so read on them before spreading that cheer.

If you are not sure where to start in terms of giving flowers, oils and the like, we have also finished offering all of the accoutrements that will greatly appreciate your can-aficionado.

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