17 Celebs Reveal Their Morning Routines

17 Celebs Reveal Their Morning Routines

but first coffee.

If that is your mantra every morning, know that you are not alone because even celebrities need their caffeine fix ASAP upon waking up.

Of course, a cup of java or matka is not the only thing, like stars Lauren Conrad, Padma Lakshmi, Candace Cameron Bure Prioritize more, Instagram, before spending time with your kids, checking email and of course starting your busy days. And yes, the more dedicated among us, try adding some water to it before sipping your coffee. The conflict, as they say, is real.

As part of the E! News’ Wellness Wednesday Series, 17 celebs shared their morning routine and they are both inspiring and believable. like Francia RaisaAnswer to, with got bigger Star told us, “In the morning I first walk my dog ​​as he follows me and until he stares at me.”

There was that way early in the morning to see any other human sporting an outfit, right?

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