16 Shocking Secrets About The Vampire Diaries Revealed

16 Shocking Secrets About The Vampire Diaries Revealed

4. Search for Salvator

After finding their leading lady, Tvd The essential love triangle requires two male components. No easy task.

“We were looking high and low to cast Stephen and Damon. So he read chemistry after reading chemistry with several actors,” Julie explained.

Some actors who read for either and / or both roles? Zach Roerig (Which will play Matt Donovan), Michael trevino (Who will play the role of Tyler Lockwood), Nathaniel Buzolic (Later cast as Cole), and 7th heaven Star David Gallagher, Julie acknowledges the latter, “He basically impressed us a lot … but the whole 7th heaven I wonder if he will ever be able to get past that. “(He would later cast her as a werewolf after seeing her Super 8.)

And then finally, they find their people.

Julie said, “Paul and Ian kind of delayed the process. Paul auditioned 15 times and came out of the blue like Ian.” For Nina, she remembered that Paul (who was the first to read for Damon) wrote in chemistry standing out from the rest of the people reading opposite him: “Only the one who wasn’t trying too hard doesn’t talk Tha at any point until we were doing the film was Paul Wesley – so it’s fun to think that he did the right thing, “she told EW.

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