$1,580 OAS Approved by Trudeau? $1,580 Extra OAS Coming or Not? Fact Check and Latest News

Check the details about the $1,580 OAS Approved by Trudeau? $1,580 Extra OAS Coming or Not? Fact Check and Latest News here. There are many rumors about the increase of the deposit for OAS. If you are also curious to know the fact checks about the $1,580 OAS Approved by Trudeau then read this article.

$1,580 OAS Approved by Trudeau?

Due to the winter at its peak and the increase in the holidays, the cost of living has increased. the seniors are facing the struggle to meet their daily expenses, even for the daily groceries the seniors have to think twice.

To help the pensions and provide them with some extra allowance, the authorities of Canada have decided to increase the OAS pension benefit amount. The Amount will be increased to $1,580. Scroll down to know more about the $1,580 OAS Approved.

What is OAS?

The old age security is the major welfare program in Canada that is implemented for the benefit of the seniors and the pensioners with social security even after their retirement. The seniors are eligible for the OAS payment only if they return at the age of 65.

$1,580 OAS Approved by Trudeau

There are millions of Canadians who are dependent on the OAS Benefit Amount. The amount is disbursed in the fourth week of every month. The amount will be deposited based on the financial stability of the candidates abd the monthly expenditure required. Each applicant will have a unique pension plan. The amounts are directly deposited in the account of the beneficiaries

$1,580 OAS Overview

Article Name

$1,580 OAS Approved



Government Resposible

Canada Revenue Agency

Benefit Amount


Payment Method

Directly in the Account

Payment Date

Last week of the month

There were many rumors among the seniors about the increase in the pension plans. With the holidays coming, the expenses have also increased. the seniors are expecting that the government will increase their OAS pension amount for a few upcoming months. The expectations of the seniors are quite high, based on the cost of living.

The federal government had released the bill for the increase of the benefit amount in the council. The citizens are wondering if the bill for the increment will be approved by Trudeau. As per the recent news, there are maximum changes that the authorities might agree to for the approval of the increase in the payment. if the candidates have made the latest contribution to the tax credit they can be assured of the boost in their pension plan.

Fact Check About $1,580 OAS

The fact that the increment in old age Security might be true, considering the financial instability of the seniors. Seniors require money to meet their living expenditures. The pensioners are eagerly waiting for the disbursement of the next installment. The amount might be increased by 5 to 10 percent. The beneficiaries might receive the increased amount of $1,580 from the upcoming installment.

The boost in the amount can be observed in the pensioner above 65 years of age. The money will be disbursed in the last week of this month. The candidates are advised to keep an eye on their “MY Account” for the upcoming days to know about the latest details of their paychecks.

Latest News About $1,580 OAS

Millions of seniors are depended on the OAS as their source of income. According to the statistics of the Internal Revenue Service, Canadians might see an increase in ther payments of about 0.5 percent in the first quarter. This amount will later be modified based on the financial stability of the candidates and the inflation rate of the country. The CRA will share the updated details about the OAS pension on their “MY Account”.

For the year 2024, the authorities have extended the pension amount to CAD 64500. The individuals will receive the amount of CAD 707 who are below 75 years. the seniors above 75 years will be receiving the CAD 778.46. the couple might receive the amount of CAD784. The seniors can keep track of their payments on the official website or can even call the authorities of the IRS to raise the query about the paychecks.


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